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Squatters resurrect iconic London gay venue

Squatters resurrect iconic London gay venue

A popular gay tavern in London’s Camden Town currently occupied by squatters will open its doors once again on Saturday (13 June).

The Black Cap made headlines last week after a group of squatters occupied the building, weeks after its shock closure; last Saturday they reportedly opened it to protestors gathering outside for a vigil.

Now they are set to bring back the drag venue by hosting a party described as ‘unofficial, unsanctioned and unapproved by anyone, but accessible to anyone’.

‘Sick of being thrown out of your beloved venues and homes? Tired of being treated like your lifestyle and culture don’t matter?’ the invitation reads.

Under the motto ‘Mother Black Cap’s back! …and she’s pissed off!’ the organizers, who are unlikely to hold a license, promise the venue’s resurrection.

‘The Black Cap was violently closed despite the fact that the community wanted and loved her openness,’ they state in the announcement made on Facebook.

‘Join us for a night of opera, comedy, hulahoops, burlesque and organized chaos amongst much other cabaretic delights.’

The Facebook event created for the occasion had yet to see most of the 140 invited attendees respond by the time this is published, but everyone is welcome regardless of whether they have been invited.

Set to feature ‘surprise mystery acts, danger, excitement and inebriation’, the event is free but donations of £5 (€7, $7.75) are suggested.

Apart from the dresscode (queer/punk/fetish), there is only one thing demanded of guests: ‘Disrespect for Mother Black Cap and her guests will not be tolerated! Protect our spaces, protect each other.’