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St. Vincent sings on top of hot gay orgy in sexy new music video

St. Vincent sings on top of hot gay orgy in sexy new music video

St Vincent's new song Fast Slow Disco

St. Vincent (real name Annie Clark) just released one of the gayest music videos of all time for her new song Fast Slow Disco.

Set among a gay bear party, St. Vincent sways through a crowd of harness-wearing, sweaty men.

She then climbs on top of a pile of shirtless men who are making out and touching each other’s bodies all over.

One of the final scenes features her walking through a crowd of slow-dancing men, delicately touching and pecking.

St Vincent
Photo: Do512 / Flickr

She took to Twitter yesterday (21 June) to release the song.

St. Vincent tweeted: ‘Happy Pride. It was sweet of these boys to let me crash their party.’

She also wrote in the caption on YouTube: ‘I always felt this song could wear many different outfits and live many different lives. here she is in disco pants, sweating on a New York dance floor.’


St. Vincent previously said she doesn’t identify as gay or straight.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, she said: ‘I don’t think about those words. I believe in gender fluidity and sexual fluidity [so] I don’t really identify as anything.

‘You can fall in love with anybody. I don’t have anything to hide but I’d rather the emphasis be on music,’ she said.

She’s previously dated Cara Delevingne and Kristen Stewart.

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