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Stabber who killed teen at Jerusalem Pride admitted to psychiatric ward

Stabber who killed teen at Jerusalem Pride admitted to psychiatric ward

This was the moment before Yishai Shlissel pulled his knife out

An extremist rabbi who killed a teen and injured five others at Jerusalem Pride is in a psychiatric ward in order to assess whether he is fit to stand trial.

Yishai Shlissel stabbed six marchers with a kitchen knife at Jerusalem Pride on 30 July. One of the victims, 16-year-old Shira Banki, died in hospital three days later.

He was released from prison three weeks before the attack, after having spent 10 years in prison for a previous knife attack at the 2005 Pride.

Channel 10 reports Shlissel had experienced a psychotic episode in 2009, had undergone extensive treatment in a special facility and was forced to take medication.

Before the parade, he was described as a ‘danger’ after he had written about his intentions two weeks before. Despite this, he was not summoned to report to police before or during the march.

Since the killing, it has raised questions of the failure of the police and how the city can better protect the LGBTI community.

Some have also come forward to praise Shlissel, such as the extremist group Faithful Judaism. The group have put up posters applauding the stabbings as an ‘act of self sacrifice’.

‘May all of the people of God be zealous as you,’ one reads, while expressing hope that similar attacks be carried out in the future.

Another, titled Blessed are you Rabbi Yishai, quotes a verse from the Old Testament: ‘Whoever spills the blood of the wicked is as if he brought a sacrifice.’