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Star of LGBTI Broadway musical comes out, says she’s dating a woman

Star of LGBTI Broadway musical comes out, says she’s dating a woman

Caitlin Kinnunen from the Broadway musical The Prom

Broadway star Caitlin Kinnunen came out in an interview with Nylon magazine, which she shared on her Instagram account.

While discussing her role in the new hit musical The Prom, Kinnunen says she ‘idenfitied as a straight ally for a very long time’ but she’s now dating a woman.

The Prom, with music by Matthew Sklar, lyrics by Chad Beguelin, and a book by Beguelin and Bob Martin, opened on Broadway last October.

It follows Indiana high school student Emma (Kinnunen) who got her senior prom cancelled because she wanted to attend with another girl as her date.

Meanwhile, in New York, four down on their luck Broadway stars hear about Emma’s story. They decide to travel to Indiana in support of her — and as an opportunity to improve their careers.

In the video below, Kinnunen discusses both the show and her sexuality.

‘Magical and new’

‘The Prom is an important story to tell, because it’s still happening today,’ Kinnunen says in the video.

Just this year, a Mississippi high school banned any same-sex guests from prom. Last year in Alabama, two same-sex students were suspended for wanting to go to prom together. Fortunately, public criticism eventually pressured the school to allow them to attend prom together.

‘It’s wonderful that kids get to come and see this show and see themselves represented on stage in a way that they haven’t been before.’

While speaking about playing the character of Emma, Kinnunen opens up about herself.

‘I take playing Emma very seriously,’ she explained. ‘I’ve always wanted to play her as vulnerable and honest and strong. There are definitely parts of me that are exactly similar to Emma.’

She adds that playing Emma has given her ‘courage’.

On dating a woman, Kinnunen says: ‘It is magical and new and exciting, and I’m loving it.’

Via social media and at the stage door, Kinnunen expresses her gratitude for everyone’s positive responses to the show. She wants more people to see it so they can have ‘hope and excitement about the future’.

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