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Star Trek creator’s son weighs in on controversy over Sulu being gay

Star Trek creator’s son weighs in on controversy over Sulu being gay

John Cho plays Sulu in three Star Trek feature films, including the latest, Beyond

The son of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry thinks his dad would be happy the character of Sulu is revealed to be gay in Star Trek Beyond.

‘I think he would be 100 percent in favor of a gay character in Star Trek,’ Rod Roddenberry tells CBS News. ‘There’s so much going on in the world today. I think he would love any sort of social issue being brought into ‘Star Trek.’

George Takei, who played the role of Sulu in the original TV series and films, is not pleased with the development despite Takei being gay in real life. Takei called move  ‘really unfortunate’ and said his previous concerns to the director and writers were ignored.

Current Star Trek actor, the openly gay Zachary Quinto who plays Spock, said he is ‘disappointed’ in Takei’s reaction.

The movie’s writer, Simon, Pegg, has said he must ‘respectfully disagree‘ with Takei.

Roddenberry, whose father died in 1991, said he respects Takei’s point of view.

‘In a way, it’s George’s character,’ he said. ‘I can understand why he feels strongly about it. I don’t see why everyone is bickering about it. It’s about (expletive) time. Let’s just do it.’

Sulu has been played in the last three Star Trek films by John Cho who broke the news last week that Sulu will be seen in the new movie with a male spouse raising an infant daughter.