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Star Trek: Discovery’s gay relationship isn’t over yet, says Anthony Rapp

Star Trek: Discovery’s gay relationship isn’t over yet, says Anthony Rapp

Anthony Rapp will star in Star Trek: Discovery

The first ever gay relationship seen in the Star Trek television franchise isn’t over just yet, actor Anthony Rapp said yesterday (24 March).

The groundbreaking relationship on Star Trek: Discovery was a first for the show and the franchise as a whole.

The star said we’re ‘still in the midst’ of his character Lieutenant Paul Stamets’ relationship with Wilson Cruz’s Dr Hugh Culber.

Furthermore, both actors are openly gay and play gay characters on the show.

According to Deadline, Rapp’s rap on the matter is this couple’s story isn’t over while speaking at TV festival Paleyfest in Los Angeles.

What did he say?

When the topic of Rapp’s character came up, he was quick to clarify that the relationship should not be discussed in the past tense.

‘Things are continuing to evolve,’ he said.

‘We’re grateful we’re given something authentic and complicated [by the writers].’

Discover Discovery

The relationship between Stamets (Rapp) and Dr Culber (Cruz) is central to the latest instalment of the sci-fi series.

Netflix and CBS air the show.

Fans were overjoyed when the two kissed, fulfilling Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s wish to have an openly gay crew member on the main cast.

So, the death of Dr Culber was slammed by LGBTI fans last year.

Will they ever reunite?

But it seems show-runners Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts reassurances that this wasn’t the last viewers would see of Dr Culber.

In February last year, Dr Culber returned in season two. But writers seemed to have paused his relationship with Stamets.

Moreover, with the show renewed for a third season, fans will have to wait and see if these two star-crossed lovers ever reunite in their journeys across the galaxy.

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