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Star Wars fans are turning a simple IKEA lamp into the Death Star

Star Wars fans are turning a simple IKEA lamp into the Death Star

All it takes to create your on Death Star is an IKEA lamp and some acrylic paint

Star Wars fans around the globe are turning a simple IKEA lamp into a Death Star.

As far as geeky interiors go, it can be hard to hit the balance between over the top and just right.

While the writer doesn’t necessarily agree with having to tone it down to appear grown up, that doesn’t mean low-key geeky additions can’t be cool.

Take a lamp looking like the Death Star, for example. Iconic in itself, but still obscure enough so your granddad or auntie who’s never seen Star Wars will only think it mildly curious, but not suspicious.

And, as German blogger Lylelo has once more shown, it also makes for an easy but fun DIY project.

It all starts with IKEA’s basic white PS 2014 Pendant Lamp, which comes in two sizes and either with a copper or a turquoise interior.

From then on, the instructions always involve a lot of masking tape – for the iconic pattern – and black and gray paint or laquer.

For ideal results, cover the copper inside the lamp, so the color doesn’t creep in through any of the slits. Later on, it’ll add a cool effect to the finished project (and make it look extra dangerous).

First, apply a layer of light gray paint.

Then apply masking tape, cut in different size strips and applied to the (dried!) gray paint.

At this step, you’ll also want to mark out the round weapon.

According to Layelola, it’s easiest of you create a stencil on paper first and give yourself a few attempts to get it absolutely right.

Then, paint over the ball in a darker shade, either black or a dark gray. (Lylelo says they mixed acrylic and chalk paint, to make the finish less glossy.)

In the same step, you’ll need to paint on the round weapon, which is best done with a fine brush and a lot of patience.

Let it all dry thoroughly, hand it up and ta-da – your own Death Star.