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Starbucks backs gay marriage in US

Starbucks backs gay marriage in US

Starbucks coffee says it supports gay marriage legislation in the US.

The global chain has joined the fight for same-sex marriage equality as Washington edges closer to becoming the seventh state in the country to introduce legal partnerships for gay couples.

In an email sent to US business partners, obtained by The Seattle Times, Starbucks executive vice president of partner resources, Kalen Holmes, said: 'Starbucks is proud to join other leading Northwest employers in support of Washington State legislation recognizing marriage equality for same-sex couples.

She continued: 'This important legislation is aligned with Starbucks business practices and upholds our belief in the equal treatment of partners.'

The coffee giant joins other US corporations, including Microsoft and Nike, which have also pledged support for gay marriage.

Acoording to the Seattle Times, gay marriage supporters have apparently secured enough votes to pass a measure through both the state House and Senate, with Govenor Chris Gregoire saying she'll sign it into law.