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Start-up’s gay-themed game set out to go global

Start-up’s gay-themed game set out to go global

A Japanese game development studio is looking to bring their gay-themed game to a wider global audience.

Gaming start-up Lifewonders describe themselves as a company aiming to provide entertainment, starting with mobile games, for LGBTI people.

‘It is also one of our major goals to see more LGBT and ally developers in digital media,’ they explained on their Indiegogo page.

‘We believe in order to reach this goal, we must release our game not only in our home country of Japan, but to the rest of the world, as well.‘

Based on classic Japanese Role Play Games, Fantastic Boyfriends: Legends of Midearth sees the player take the role of the male hero summoned to Midearth, ‘a world of swords and magic’ which he has to save from a demon king.

On the way, the character will ‘be forming bonds and falling in love with characters such as a fierce horned ogre, a monk skilled in magic, a rough Adventurer’s Guild master, and a dragon in the form of a man’ – all of which are male characters.

The game will be released on iOS and Android, but Lifewonders warned backers that Apple or Google Play may not approve the game in some areas; some illustrations or text may also not be available.

Lifewonders are hoping to raise $20.000 (€17.895, £12.782) via indigogo to speed up the game’s release outside of Japan.