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State Government says Sydney must lose its Rainbow Crossing

State Government says Sydney must lose its Rainbow Crossing

The City of Sydney will be forced to spend $35,000 to remove a rainbow flag gay pride crossing on Sydney’s Oxford Street despite the City wanting to keep it and police having no issue with it.

The Star Observer reports that the New South Wales (NSW) state Roads and Maritime Service directed the City of Sydney to arrange for the section of the street to be returned to its original bitumen serface, claiming it presented a danger to traffic despite NSW Police having no issue with it and the City wanting to retain it.

15,000 people signed a petition organized by independent Sydney MP Alex Greenwich to keep the crossing which was laid down in the lead up to this year’s Sydney Mardi Gras Festival where it was a major tourist attraction.

The NSW Department of Roads claimed that, as some people had taken photos of themselves lying on the crossing, it encouraged unsafe behavior.

Greenwich criticized the NSW Government’s opposition to retaining the crossing in the lead up to the Roads and Maritime Service announcing its final decision.

‘NSW Benefits to the tune of over $30 Million dollars during the Mardi Gras Festival,’ Greenwich said.

‘Enforcing the removal an iconic tourist attraction that honors the LGBTI community would be a short-sighted and mean spirited move.’

‘In light of the footage of a policing incidents at Mardi Gras that made global headlines, we need to do everything we can to show Sydney celebrates our gay and lesbian community.’

Greenwich pointed out that photos of the crossing had even been used by the government to promote tourism in Sydney.

NSW Assistant Police Commissioner Mark Murdoch had praised the crossing when it was in stalled.

‘I think it’s fantastic, Murdoch had told a press conference.

‘I’d like to see more of them trotted out across the city of Sydney. It’s very, very visible, it looks great, and in terms of pedestrian safety it’s a great innovation.’