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Defiant ‘Stay Queer’ graffiti sabotaged with homophobic message

Defiant ‘Stay Queer’ graffiti sabotaged with homophobic message

Before and After 'Stay Queer' graffiti

A ‘Stay Queer’ piece of Brighton graffiti art has been sabotaged and amended to remove its pro-LGBTI meaning.

Queer has been painted over and replaced with a stencil of the word ‘brainwashed’.

The graffiti on Boyce Street is just one street off of the lanes in the heart of the gay-friendly English city.

Trans campaigner Fox Fisher found the change Monday, much to their surprise.

‘I don’t think this graffiti is an ominous symbol of LGBT hate, which is why it stood out to me.’

‘I had never noticed this graffiti before and thought it was a little different. And I couldn’t work out why some transphobic person has spent time making the rainbow so nice.’

Fox Fisher tweet about graffiti art

After posting about the graffiti to Twitter, it wasn’t long before it became apparent that the art had been ‘sabotaged’.

Users posted pictures of the graffiti when the slogan read ‘queer’ instead.

Oliva pictured below described the graffiti as a ‘positive affirmation of queerness’. He first saw it after appearing at a gig with his band Pink Narcissus at the Sticky Mikes Frog Bar opposite.

‘I quickly took a selfie as I passed the wall as the graffiti made me happy.’

Responding to how the graffiti had been altered Oliva was disheartened.

‘The defacement of the graffiti was confusing and disheartening, especially seeing as heteronormative society is responsible for all the brainwashing NOT queer culture which instead celebrates thinking for yourself.’

Stay Queer graffiti before change to brainwashed

Brighton is usually known for progressive views

Fox Fisher is the trans pride activist and award-winning filmmaker that first documented the change. As a resident of Brighton Fox was surprised to see the art.

‘There is some LGBT+ graffiti art in Brighton, most notably outside the epic Marly pub and theatre. To me, it seemed very misplaced to see something transphobic.’

Brighton is known for its Green political leanings and progressive attitudes.

‘I am proud of living in Brighton, for its carefree attitude.’

Looking at what this says about the landscape of attitudes in the UK on LGBT+ rights, Fox had this to say:

‘I think that for trans issues, we are gaining awareness, but there’s a long way to go for the safety and comfort of all trans people, like those who don’t have passing privilege and those who are non-binary, like myself.

‘We are having some interesting conversations in the UK at the moment about gender. For me, the worst hate I receive is online. We have an album of Hate on Facebook, a place to name and shame. I don’t engage, I just screengrab and block. Life’s too short!’

A resident of Birmingham, England, has said an identical, but intact tag, appears on the canal network. Have you seen one near you? Tweet us a picture!