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Brizzi describes events leading up to Gordon Semple’s death: ‘He wanted it’

Brizzi describes events leading up to Gordon Semple’s death: ‘He wanted it’

Stefano Brizzi (pictured) allegedly strangled, dismembered and ate portions of PC Gordon Semple.

Stefano Brizzi has described to the Old Bailey in London the events that lead up to PC Gordon Semple’s death by suffocation.

Brizzi, 50, stands accused of murdering and dismembering Semple, after what Brizzi claims was an S&M sex session gone awry.

The incident is alleged to have taken place at Brizzi’s flat in Bermondsey, London, after meeting on Grindr.

He then allegedly tried to dispose of the body but was caught by police with ‘buckets of flesh and body parts’. In his flat, the bath was filled with blue-green acid where he had possibly attempted to dissolve the body.

In his defence Brizzi claimed the death was accidental. ‘We were obviously two men who were mature, old, in our own fields professionally successful – we were no savages,’ he told members of the jury.

According to Brizzi’s testimony Semple was interested in less vanilla sex.

Gordon Semple was found dead in Italian man's flat
Gordon Semple was found dead in Italian man’s flat Facebook

‘I would like to stress this was all consensual,’ he said.

‘He was kissing my boots and my leather chaps.

‘I interpreted this as willing on his part to become a more active submissive, to start the game of submissive and dominant.

‘At that point there was some verbal exchange between us, he was calling me daddy, boss and sir.’

Brizzi, who was fired from his job at Morgan Stanley for a crystal meth addiction, says Semple insisted he wanted to wear a dog collar and be ‘choked’.

While Brizzi says he thought this might be ‘dangerous’, they continued anyway.

‘He really begged for it, he wanted it,’ Brizzi said. He the describes how, unable to breath, Semple died.

The two did have a safe word, which was red. However, according to Brizzi: ‘He never said “red”.’

The trial continues.