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WATCH: Stephen Fry, Kylie and Miss Piggy audition to be Stephen Hawking’s new voice

WATCH: Stephen Fry, Kylie and Miss Piggy audition to be Stephen Hawking’s new voice

Stephen Fry and Kylie Minogue want to be Stephen Hawking's new voice

Stephen Fry and Kylie Minogue were amongst those who auditioned to become the new voice of Stephen Hawking.

The famous Cambridge professor and a whole host of celebrities star in a skit for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day today (24 March).

It further stars Liam Neeson, Rebel Wilson, Anna Kendrick, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Miss Piggy, Geri Halliwell, Kylie Minogue, Felicity Jones, John Boyega, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Eddie Redmayne, as well as sweary chef Gordon Ramsay, Bill Gates, and the voice of Siri.

The clips shows Professor Hawking wryly dismissing one auditionee after the other, no matter how convincing they’re trying to be.

Liam Neeson reenacts his famous ‘I don’t know who you are’-phone monologe, of course, and chef Gordon Ramsay does what he does best – swear in the middle of a busy kitchen.

Others tried to point out their scientific knowledge.

‘I am a science addict. All my songs are about it,’ Kylie says.

‘Spinning Around! It’s about centrifugal force.’

Stephen Fry, famous for hosting quiz show QI, producing a number of documentaries and for his knowledge of the English language, points out he has other qualities.

‘I think my voice would endow your presence with an enormous authority,’ he says.

‘You’d also be able to use many cogently multi… oh, my earpiece is gone. You’d be able to use a lot of long words and stuff.’

And Andrew Lloyd Webber, the mastermind behind Cats and The Phantom of the Opera, wanted to make Hawking’s life into a musical.

He tried to sway the Professor by serenading him with a rewritten version of Memory.

In the end, someone else entirely made the cut: British actor Michael Caine, of Alfie and the Italian Job fame.

Watch the full video below: