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Second oldest women’s college in the US is now accepting trans women

Second oldest women’s college in the US is now accepting trans women

Stephens College letting in trans women

The second oldest all-women college in the United States is now accepting trans women students.

Stephens College, Missouri, unanimously expanded its definition of womanhood to include both sex and gender. That means cis and trans women can both apply. Cis and trans men are excluded from the college, according to Inside Higher Ed.

The policy says: ‘The college’s undergraduate residential women’s program will continue to admit and enroll students who are women and who live as women, just as it always has.

‘It will also admit and enroll students who were not born female, but who identify and live as women; those students will need to provide legal documentation that they are legally women or that they are transitioning to female.’

Extended to include gender and sex

This does mean that self-identified trans women are excluded if they do not have valid documentation.

The policy goes into effect for students beginning in Fall 2019 semester. Students who are already enrolled will not be impacted.

The college announced its decision to students and staff via an email. In it, they state the decision to change its policy was unanimous.

Stephens College celebrated 185 years open

The college joins other major university in the US allowing trans women, including Wellesley College in Massachusetts, Bryn Mawr in Pennsylvania and Barnard College in New York.

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