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Steps’ Ian ‘H’ Watkins and partner Craig Ryder announce birth of twins

Steps’ Ian ‘H’ Watkins and partner Craig Ryder announce birth of twins

Baby A and Baby B H Watkins

Singer Ian Watkins – otherwise known as H from Steps – and his partner Craig Ryder have announced they are the proud dads to two boys, born yesterday by surrogate.

Watkins and Ryder became parents as their first son, ‘Baby A’, was born on 6 March at 2.14am, closely followed by ‘Baby B’ at 2.17am.

Announcing the birth this morning on Twitter, Watkins said: ‘We are DADS! We are totally & utterly in Love!’

The social media announcement is nothing new for the pair, who announced the news they were expecting via an animated YouTube video in December 2015.

Through a series of cartoons showing the highlights of their relationship, the video shows the pair outside their first home with their pets, before they announce their latest adventure: becoming parents.

‘We’ve been on lots of adventures… but our biggest adventure is about to begin!

‘For a long time we have been wishing, and our wish is about to come true. We are going to be dads!

‘There’s more… It’s twins!’

The good news comes following the couple’s lengthy journey to parenthood, after they made the decision to adopt a child in 2008.

After making little progress, the pair decided to try surrogacy a year and a half later, but announced their surrogate had miscarried after the three-month scan.