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Steve Grand admits he ‘made a lot of mistakes and said a lot of stupid sh*t’

Steve Grand admits he ‘made a lot of mistakes and said a lot of stupid sh*t’

Steve Grand didn’t just sing to a packed house in Hollywood over the weekend, he also opened up a bit about the trouble he had navigating instant fame.
It was in July 2013 when Grand’s self-financed All-American Boy hit YouTube and became a viral sensation.
 ‘All the best and worst things in my life have happened in that time,’ he told the crowd at Hotel Cafe  where he performed on a double bill with Tom Goss.
 ‘Sometimes I definitely had dark moments where I wondered, “Would I have been better off if I just worked in a cubicle or something?”‘
Audience members – almost all male – answered the question for the 26 year old by shouting ‘No! No!’
Grand went on to say: ‘I was making such a big mess out there! Of course when you are learning stuff you make a lot of mistakes and I made a lot of mistakes – said a lot of stupid sh*t.’
Grand has an active social media presence and at times been controversial for comments in interviews and seemingly contradictory complaints about getting as much attention for his underwear as his music.
‘You learn and you grow from that and I’ve come to be grateful for everything that happened – even all the bad things because I’ve come to feel that I’m the person I am because of all those trials and tribulations.’
 He also told the audience that it’s only in the past year that he’s learned to perform sober which he thinks makes him a better performer.
He was sure to add that being sober doesn’t mean he’s not still great in bed.
 ‘I’m still fun. I’m still easy – I promise.’