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Steve Grand: ‘It’s great not performing drunk all the time’

Steve Grand: ‘It’s great not performing drunk all the time’

All-American Boy singer Steve Grand is busy doing concert dates this month and he’s doing them all sober.

Grand posted a behind-the-scenes video for fans this week which at one point panned to a backstage refrigerator filled with things like water and protein shakes.

‘I used to keep whiskey in there but, as you guys know, I stopped drinking,’ Grand says in the video.

‘It’s great not performing drunk all the time. I’ve done it a couple of times now. Really I spent years performing under the influence and it does make it easier to some extent. But, I found it wasn’t easy in the long run for a lot of reasons.’

It was in late December that Grand announced to fans in a video that he had marked 3.5 weeks of ‘mostly sobriety’ and said then: Honestly, I am feeling better than ever. Who would have thought that when you stop poisoning yourself every day with alcohol and fast food, and start doing cardio and sleeping at normal hours, that you actually start to feel and function better?’

Grand also shared with fans this week that his breakthrough 2013 video All-American Boy had surpassed 5 million views.