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Steve Grand learning to accept the good and the bad of being famous

Steve Grand learning to accept the good and the bad of being famous

Steve Grand showed up to last weekend’s Halloweenie event in Los Angeles wearing a shirtless costume that only had a pair of suspenders covering his famously buff torso.

Then the next day, the All-American Boy singer posted nearly a dozen photos on Instagram from the party and other Halloween weekend activities – all shirtless – and all which got plenty of attention from gay blogs.

It was just three months ago that Grand complained publicly about the coverage of his skimpy bathing suits and was particularly angry about the use of old partially nude modeling photos of him still being used to illustrate stories.

Gay Star News caught up with the singer at Halloweenie and Grand seems to be feeling a bit more mellow about it all now.

‘I’m in a really good place,’ he said.

‘It’s hard letting go and that’s been a big challenge for me. There are a lot of things out of your control when you have any amount of attention from the public and it’s taken me a long time to kind of get settled into that.

‘I’m not a huge celebrity but to whatever degree I’ve been a public figure, it’s taken some time. I’ve learned so much and I wouldn’t take it back – even the bad, unpleasant things that have happened.’

Grand was completely unknown when during the Fourth of July weekend in 2013, he posted the video for All-American Boy on YouTube. The story of a gay man falling for his straight friend quickly went viral and has been viewed more than 4.6 million times to date.

Grand then launched a highly successful Kickstarter campaign to independently finance his debut album of the same name which he released at the start of the year.

His insistence of releasing the album himself gave Grand full control over the recording which debuted at number three on the Billboard Independent Albums chart.

Would Grand be willing to give up total control and sign with a label for his next album?

‘All options are open to me,’ he said. ‘Obviously it depends on the terms of the contract but I’m happy just to make music in my basement with a lot of really talented people that I’m lucky enough want to work with me.’

But before he even gets to that point, Grand would have to write a a full collection of new songs.

‘I’m writing all the time whether it’s one line I text myself or a whole song while I’m sitting at the piano that I just bang out,’ he said. ‘I’ve been feeling very inspired lately.’

Mostly, Grand has been doing a lot of traveling and performing gigs all around the US.

‘I’ve just been feeling really, really great. I released my first record and now there’s a clean slate for me to work from again. I’ve had so many new experiences and obviously grown a lot in the last two-and-a-half years. It’s made for a lot of great material.

‘I think anything from here on out is going to surprise people and I’m really excited for it. I feel like I’ve gotten to know myself as a person – as a human being and as an artist through this whole journey that I’ve been on.’