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Steve Grand thrilled to be back at his pneumonia weight

Steve Grand thrilled to be back at his pneumonia weight

All-American Boy singer Steve Grand announced on Instagram that he has reached his dream weight again.

And this time he didn’t have to come down with pneumonia to get down to 190 pounds.

Grand was so thrilled to have shed some pounds that he shared a shirtless pic of himself on Instagram along with a close-up on the scale with those magic numbers.

‘Dad is back! Grr!’ he wrote.

Grand then explained: ‘I haven’t weighed this much since I came down with pneumonia in South Africa a year ago while there for a show.’

So how did he do it?

‘I’ve been pushing myself to eat more and better food. Eating enough of the good stuff can be a pain. For me especially. I have a very fast metabolism which, most of the time, I feel lucky for! But seeing and feeling the results makes it worth it.’

It may also be good for his future calendar sales.

For the past two years, the openly gay singer has made limited edition beefcake calendar available for his fans through his online store.

Grand came to fame in 2013 when the video for his song All-American Boy went viral. He has since released an album of the year which he financed through crowdfunding.

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