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Stevie Boi conquers Fashion Week’s challenge

Stevie Boi conquers Fashion Week’s challenge

Fashion designer Stevie Boi at the finish of his 2016 NYC Fashion Week show

When it came a vision for his Fashion Week show, Stevie Boi wanted to expand his range by using colors that never appealed to him. Growing up in a military family brown, gray, and green were colors he stayed away. However, that changed when he planned for yesterday’s (13 February) show called Cabin.

‘I decided to be a designer, be an artist, and choose something I didn’t like and make it my reality,’ he said to GSN after the show.

He pointed to his own clothes, a smart all-black outfit. Black and white are colors he prefers, but they box him in. Keep him from reaching out.

‘How am I going to be able to shock people, and do great things, by wearing all-black or wearing all-white all the time,’ he wondered. ‘Now it’s important for me to challenge myself, and that is what I did in this collection.’

Broadening his artistic palette worked for the crowd, packed into Studio 450 (located in midtown Manhattan, near Madison Square Garden). Boi, and his models, received a standing ovation when it was all over.

Yesterday’s adulation is just the start for Boi. He’ll soon embark on a world tour that will include 30 countries. There’s an upcoming reality show called Stevie Takes Vegas, a role in the film Protocol 734, and a show on Oxygen about the first transgender modeling agency. Whoopi Goldberg is the executive producer of that project; she had a front row seat at Cabin.

All of this well deserved attention doesn’t faze Boi because ultimately it’s about the fashion.

‘The stressful aspect is pleasing people’s eyes,’ he said. ‘Because when it comes down to fashion, I want my eyse to be pleased as well. I want to see great clothing. I don’t want to see shitty clothing.’

While Boi is about the fabric, he also knows there is a world out there and he wants his work to shine for communities that might get overlooked.

‘I’m black, gay, and southern,’ he said.

His models love him, his background, and the clothes he makes for them. Model Brooke Todd is a Fashion Week veteran, but this was the first time she worked with Boi.

‘It was so much fun,’ Todd said to GSN. ‘I loved doing it for a designer like him. He’s super personable. You could tell he really cares about his craft.’

Check out this Facebook link for more photos from yesterday’s show.