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Stevie Nicks hints she’ll attend ‘Night of a 1000 Stevies’ drag ball

Stevie Nicks hints she’ll attend ‘Night of a 1000 Stevies’ drag ball

Stevie Nicks | Photo: Reprise

Fleetwood Mac icon Stevie Nicks has hinted that she may attend an upcoming ‘Night of 1000 Steveies‘ drag event.

The long-standing balls commonly feature LGBTIs and their allies dressing up as Stevie at various stages in her long career.

Addressing the phenomenon, Stevie says: ‘I’ve threatened everybody that one day they won’t know it, but I’ll be there.’

Speaking to Rolling stone, the Landslide singer said: ”I hear the “Night of a Thousand Stevies” ball is going on this year — in New Orleans and New York.’

She later teased: ‘I’ll be in such fantastic makeup that I’ll be able to float around. Nobody will know it’s me, until I walk on stage and start singing “Edge of 17.” Everybody will faint and they’ll have to call ambulances.’

‘There’s so many different mes

The American Horror Story actress furthermore added: ‘Everybody can dress up like me, because there’s so many different mes. You can be any me you want.’

She also said: ‘My cousin made me a book for Christmas that has all the different mes from 1975. I’m only a third of the way through this book with a magnifying glass.

‘All these pictures she collected from all over the Internet that I had never seen, because I don’t have a computer.’

Stevie will continue to travel the globe this year on the blockbuster Evening With Fleetwood Mac Tour, which started last year.

The band are of course known for hits such as The Chain and Songbird.

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