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Stonewall Chief Executive Ruth Hunt is stepping down from the charity

Stonewall Chief Executive Ruth Hunt is stepping down from the charity

Stonewall chief executive Ruth Hunt.

Stonewall Chief Executive Ruth Hunt is stepping down after 14 years at the charity, it was revealed today (21 February).

Hunt will leave the LGBTI charity this summer after five years in the role.

She joined the organization in 2006.

In a note released today, Hunt wrote the past five years were ‘an honour’.

One ‘that has made the past half-decade the most exciting, challenging, humbling and rewarding time of my life so far.’

But ‘it’s time for someone else to lead this fantastic organisation and take it into the next chapter,’ she said.

Stonewall’s Twitter account announced the news in a tweet which said: ‘Our amazing Chief Executive Ruth Hunt has announced she’ll be stepping down this summer.’

‘The Stonewall of today is very different’

Looking back, Hunt was positive on the work she and her team have done for the global LGBTI community.

‘The Stonewall of today is very different to the one I joined,’ she said, ‘and I’m proud of the part I’ve played in that journey’.

‘Our work to support LGBT equality in education and to empower LGBT individuals to act as role models in institutions and businesses has grown exponentially.

‘We are now a serious voice working to stamp out homophobia, biphobia and transphobia in sport, and our ambitions to support the work of human rights defenders internationally is growing at a pace.’

It is unknown who will be replacing Hunt.

‘Great things to come’

However, Hunt is positive for the future.

‘I know that there are great things to come for Stonewall, and great things we as a wider equality movement will achieve together in the coming years.

‘That is something I will continue being a vocal and passionate part of, as I hope you will too.’

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