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Stonewall will now campaign on trans rights

Stonewall will now campaign on trans rights

Stonewall will now fight for trans rights in the UK.

The UK campaigning charity, who has fought for gay men, gay women and bisexuals for 25 years, will now include trans people in their human rights work.

Following discussions with over 700 trans people over what direction the charity should take, Stonewall has decided to extend its remit and campaign for trans equality.

The charity has already admitted to making mistakes in the past when dealing with the trans community, and have made apologies. Examples of such errors included the use of the slur ‘tranny’ in a documentary for schools and the nomination for awards of individuals who were outspokenly transphobic.

As of now, Stonewall will expand its current campaigns and programmes to include and involve trans people.

Some of this has already been done, such as posters featuring: ‘Some People Are Trans. Get Over It!’

Experts in trans issues will be added to the board of trustees and experts will be recruited to work with current Stonewall staff.

Ruth Hunt, Stonewall Chief Executive said: ’Whether we’re challenging bullying in our schools, tackling hate crime on our streets or working to make our public services truly equal for users, we have a responsibility to use our voice and share our 25 years of experience.

‘This change marks a significant moment in Stonewall’s history. As a community we can achieve much more by standing together. This is an exciting but huge undertaking – we recognise that we are not instant experts, and will work closely with the trans community to achieve real change for LGBT people.’

Helen Belcher, of Trans Media Watch, told Gay Star News: ‘I’m pleased that Stonewall have acknowledged the gap that grew between them and trans communities, and welcome their next step to include trans equality in their campaigns.

‘It’s important that Stonewall have recognised both the necessity of working with other groups and that it will take time for them to incorporate trans awareness properly into their structure and campaigns. I welcome the report and hope that Stonewall follow through on this encouraging position.’

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