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Straight French MPs kiss for gay marriage

Straight French MPs kiss for gay marriage

Two straight French members of parliament decided to show their solidarity with gay rights advocates in their own way – they kissed.

Socialist MPs Yann Galut and Nicolas Bays joined the ‘Marriage for All’ protests on Sunday (27 January), where a reported quarter of a million people marched across the country.

The National Assembly will begin discussions of the marriage equality bill tomorrow (29 January), giving same-sex couples the right to marry and adopt children.

Galut said: ‘We’re both straight, we’re both married with children. But today with the kiss of solidarity, it meant we, as parliamentary members who start fighting for same-sex marriage legislation in two days, we stand in solidarity with homosexuals.

‘We stand in solidarity with their demands.’

The image of the two MPs went viral, and has been met with praise and outrage from their colleagues.

Right-wing MP Philippe Gosselin said it was ‘ridiculous and needlessly provocative’, while left-wing MP Karine Berger called them ‘heroes’.

Today (28 January), it was revealed two in three people in France support same-sex marriage.