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Straight guy accidentally goes to the filthiest gay sex club in Berlin, leaves a must-read Yelp review

NSFW: 'This guy thinks I'm going to help pull it out?!?'

Straight guy accidentally goes to the filthiest gay sex club in Berlin, leaves a must-read Yelp review
Twitter / DeSpeld
A straight guy accidentally ended up in one of Berlin's filthiest gay clubs

Berlin’s Berghain is often cited as the world’s best club – but for a straight guy from San Antonio, it turned out to be opposite.

Kyle, a (presumably) straight guy who was on holiday in Berlin, didn’t seem to have a clue what what he was getting into when two newly-made friends took him along.

The famous club, said to have the hardest door in Berlin, operates a strict no pictures-policy and is known for its gay sex parties, usually held in the basement, and the general ‘anything goes’ attitude of partygoers, no matter if we’re talking drugs or sex.

What happens in Berghain stays in Berghain – unless you’re Kyle, and work through your nightly adventures in a hilariously honest, and slightly shocked, Yelp review.

It all started compartively harmless, he said, with the guys cutting the queue and cussing Kyle out because he was checking his phone.

You don’t just check your phone while waiting to get into Berghain, because if you do, you might not get in.


But once they were in, things got real and very much NSFW. And Kyle really, really wasn’t prepared.

‘They offer me these strange looking little pills and I pass. No drugs for me. They both pop them and then start making out,’ he says.

‘I’m not talking about a little kiss or a peck, I’m talking open-mouth, tongue kissing.’

Learning his new friends were gay was only step one, though, I look around and there are 3 or 4 naked guys dancing all crazy with erections.

‘I decide to go get a beer and I tell myself—maybe I’m in the wrong part of the club. Maybe this is the gay section.

‘Nope. The whole club is the gay section!’


Trying to soothe his initial shock with a beer, Kyle would soon learn that there really are no boundaries inside Berghain.

‘I pass in disbelief, a bearded guy butt fucking the crap out of another bearded dude. You could smell feces and sweat.

‘I take my eyes off of that situation and it only gets worse.

‘There’s another guy, and I kid you not…he’s got his arm, almost to his elbow, up another guys ass! I thought it was a magic trick or an illusion. It WASN’T! The guy that’s basically getting impaled is enjoying it!’

‘I saw one guy getting tag teamed (double penetration style) by 2 guys! I said to hell with this…I’m out of here!’

There’s only one problem: one of Kyle’s new friends has his phone, so he’ll have to find him before he can make off.

And of course, more adventures await.


‘Now there are naked guys everywhere! Sucking each other off. Fisting each other. There was one dude that was riding another guy (cowgirl style) and yelling “Balles Tief!” “Balles Tief!”…I ask the dude next to me…”What’s he screamin?!”…He informs “Balles Tief” is German for “Balls Deep”…

‘This Nazi looking guy comes up to me with a syringe and acts like he’s going to stick me with it.

‘I jump back and think about beating the shit out of him and he starts laughing and in very bad English says “You vant chemical to keep wake and make you high?”…

‘As I’m saying “NO!”…a loud siren/whistle starts blowing and the whole club starts going bananas!

‘I ask this guy who looks like a vampire…”What the hell is that? Is there a fire or terrorist or something?”…He does this weird giggle and say’s the siren means it’s “Slip and Slide time!”…100’s of guys, the ones that aren’t already naked, drop there pants and start masturbating on the dance floor.

‘Evidently, you are supposed to ejaculate on the floor and make it slippy and then naked guys go sliding through it! WTF!

‘I look back and that vampire looking dude is jerking off in my direction. I throw a beer bottle at him and start hauling [my] ass out of there.

‘I run past this one guy that seems to be injured and he’s asking for help. I’m a pretty nice guy, so I ask what happened.

‘He bends over and you can see this silicone/rubber looking object barely protruding out of his butt. You could barely see it.

‘He then explains that he had shoved a rubber arm with fist up there and it was stuck! This guy thinks I’m going to help pull it out?!?

‘Get the fuck out of here!

‘I finally get to the exit and I yell to that weirdo door man “YOU SICK BASTARD!”…

‘I hail a cab and make it back to my hotel. That was my experience at the “worlds coolest night club”..

‘I can handle a lot of stuff, but this place was WAY over the top. I will not be back. Never.’

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    Prurient oppertunistic horseshit, written by a humbug posing as an engenue. He seriously expected us to believe he didn’t have the first clue of what this club was about? Which Berlin Guide was he following- The Catholic Herald, written by a priest? Or was he just annoyed that his own latent sexuality was so challanged? WTF was he doing there in the first place? A sociological paper?? Pehaps he needs a good rogering afterall

    Absolutely hilarious !!!!! ���� me and my flatmate are in stitches �������

    Rob Lashmore says:

    Now all they need is a branch of Amy’s Baking Company to open inside the club, and you’ve got scope for the most memorable Yelp reviews EVER !!!

    David Kummers hahahaha 😂😂🙈

    I’ve been there myself and didn’t experience anything quite so ‘HardCore’ as that! It is an experience for sure and alternative but nowhere near like what this guy described. I’m a homosexual from London. Went to berlin for the first time Nov 2015 and luckily managed to get into Berghain! Absolutely loved the place. The people there and atmosphere was FANTASTIC!!!

    What happened with his phone ? Is he get it back ?

    Robert Fox says:

    yeah he was in my front room-the club is through the back door-it is pretty dodgy tho, some stairways are VERY poorly lit.

    If this cat is for real, then Berlin is too much for him period. I dated a Berliner once and I’ll never forget her explaining to me that “Berlin is an Island” meaning that after the Second World War the city was left alone to reestablish its own identity. This is what we ended up with, love it or leave it.

    Andre Thorbjørn I wanna go 😁🤘

    Ok This is obviously some sort of joke because si am Laughing sooooooo hard I just reset my dishwasher instead of turning it off now I have to wait for a whole new cycle to get my frying pan …..

    I’ve been there more often than a kilt of people and I never saw something like that. This guy had to be stooned and religious!

    Troy Snell says:

    I thought the name of the club “the aristocrats” would have been better.

    JB Morrow says:

    Who hasn’t found themselves in a compromising position with a vampire maturbating nazi, a live chicken, a weed eater and a jar of peach preserves…. I mean it happens right… I know I can’t judge… this guy clearly hasn’t been to the right clubs in Texas

    Manny Shaikh says:

    Let’s go to Berlin it sounds fun where we can smell faces and stuff 🤣😂🤣😂

    I went to Tresor. Should’ve gone here.

    Has this guy ever seen “Hostel”??? This is how those movies start!! 😳

    I book my flight to Berlin. 😛 <3

    Doug Kincaid says:

    Are you sure he wasn’t in laboratory instead? Sounds like bs to me.

    is this for REAL?!

    Toby Ross says:

    Playing innocent while waiting for a “mine shaft” like line is stupid, I mean like if I was into pussy would I wonder into a big industrial building where a long line of men only, some in gay gear, no women, I think not. This is an idiot grabbing for some attention, I hate where he is coming from.(mentally)

    Samara Cowen says:

    Morgan Emma read his AHAHAH!

    They are all wrong doers oooh our Lord Allah almighty….destroy them these satanic cruel sadom

    What gay guy mistakenly ends up in a straight club especially after queuing for a long time outside? None that I know of. Didn’t he notice the serious lack of women (and the sort he’d like to see) in the queue? This is clever advertising by Berghain. Yes, what happens there is supposed to stay in Berghain, but if a little gets out in TripAdvisor it will only serve as good advertising for more gay newcomers to the club.

    Arthur Daly says:

    this guy has never been to berghaim: this is just a collection of the most famous internet rumours patched 2gether (the most famous bouncer who is never actually there: the q rumours): he misunderstands the geography of berghain and to be honest unless it was SNAX there was no way all that was going on there: there is a seperate klub in the basement called the lab which is a full on sex club and the entrance is totally seperate and there is no way to get confused or to get in there without understanding. In Berghaim you might see the odd person naked and the odd ppl fucking but most of the action is confined to the darkroom. PLUS the crowd is totally mixed (half gurls at least) PLUS like its so obvious that this is from the imagination of someone who had no understanding of gay fuck kulture (but like secretely wants to).

    You refuse to judge but that is precisely what you’re doing.

    John Zee says:

    Lol I have been to a few wild places even Folsom fair was fairly eye opening but “jerking on the dance floor” I think that “str8 guy” was fantasising at that point lol. I’ve met some pretty dumb stupid people. But if ur in a huge line to get in to a dungeon club in Berkin. I reckon the dumbest fuck could tell it was a gay club lol.

    I believe him some parts of the gay community are a pure degradation

    he has never been to a heterosexual sm club…or in a frat party ancient style. he comes out a catholic school?

    obviously he was at lab o tary. in the basement not on berghains main floor

    Boys will be boys. They call it gay for a reason. It’s happiness at its finest. Guys have imaginations.

    Hahahahaha I’m suspicious… you have to be looking pretty closely at two guys fucking if you can smell feces and sweat… I think San Antonio had some idea of what he was getting himself into.😜

    Ryan Travis says:

    This sounds like a Steven King short story and for that, I love it. However, I’m gay man, I would have ran out way before he did and I’m NYC born and raised!

    Jim Perrotta says:

    did he ever get his phone back? LOL Berlin is awesome! Never been to this club.

    ” At some point I started working for a party called Ostgut—it was a gay fetish party—and that moved around for a while, and at a certain point moved into the power station and became Berghain. The company that runs Berghain is still called Ostgut GmbH, in fact. We still have fetish parties once or twice a year.”

    Clearly this guy was not at Berghain proper. He was at Lab.oratory, which is adjacent to the building, downstairs, and is aimed exclusively at gay men into hard core fetishes. Berghain is just a mixed dance club, where people don’t have sex.

    Ace Esters says:

    Did he ever get his phone????

    Shall we go to this place in Berlin? Claire Louise Neal

    Sad. All lies. No details about this story explains anything about berghain or lab. His story doesn’t even fit with experiencing the snax party which is the only all male event that mixes the two spaces of lab and berghain. This troll needs to get a life. He is just mad he didn’t get in. Ignore this idiot.

    Calvin Tan haha would you participate?

    Fil Ierop says:

    definitely a fake 😛

    Barry Mann says:

    Sounds like a place I’l love to spend days in ,HOT

    Jor Dan says:

    Jennifer McLellan

    Adrienne Weispfenning Robinson Jessica Riv

    Kkkkkkkkk Andre Almeida Camila Redmond Pierre Paiva Roberto Knibel Juliano Oliveira

    It’s a crazy fun club and it’s dirty but it’s nothing like that. He might have accidentally gone downstairs tho 😉

    But did he find his phone after all?

    Will Johnson says:

    Rollin Atkinson this is so funny

    Janet Moss says:

    If he was straight he would of know as soon as he joined cue to get in the club if not before this is bull

    I miss all the fun parties.

    It’s just sex people. Some people don’t have the needless traditional values and can accept the world as it is. To each their own. Live and let live. From the sound of his story, he was the only dbag in the whole place. He really shouldn’t leave the country again. He is not even close to open minded enough to experience the world.

    Bianca Lai says:

    Fang Yuan omg HAHAHA

    Fake advertisement for that club no doubt.

    Jay Salazar says:

    I’m straight and that sounds like fun.

    To observe or participate? Lol

    He only said “To hell with this! I’m outta here after seeing the guy getting double penetrated? So was that his limit? The fucking feces Bears and the guy getting fisted were cool but he was out for DP?

    Peter Klein says:

    This is comedy gold

    Conrad Smith says:

    He said he smelled 💩

    Ryan Leslie says:

    But did he find his phone??

    Lmao I thought I was the only one who wondered about this 😂

    My uncles have owned this club for years and YOUR idiots for believing this trashy review .

    Bullshit from an American no doubt

    Jim Coe says:

    They also have non-gay clubs like that people in Europe or more sexually for his loss

    He didn’t go to the actual club… He went to the basement, a sex club known for its themed nights!

    Ahmad Al-d says:

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I wish I was there to see his face while he had all of that 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Can someone tell me the address of this club? Asking for a friend

    Quinn Rozzell Donna Gutierrez Nicole Gant Loy Victoria Lauren Cis

    Olaf Britz says:

    Terrible place! Its a big HIV party or something. This is crazy – people should stop taking about it .There are great clubs , not stinky and comfy with good music selection. If u white trash and u have nothing to do with ur life then go then – nihilism welcome.

    Berghain is OVERRATED ! People telling stories online and writing articles about it are just friends or one night stands .People fuck around , smell terrible , drugs everywhere ….damn. Its just a huge expenisive darkroom.

    Mark Layton says:

    Joe, Chris, Danny, Joey He’s one for your next trip

    Toon Mun says:

    Guy fark guy, u can smell faeces. Guy fark girl in the ass? No faeces smell? What a farking bias towards gay community joke..

    Im of the opinion, one should never smell feces, or see it. Proper etiquette would require preparation! Sadly, many men could care less. I, on the other hand would be mortified! This is a very disgusting thing! Sadly, I’m inclined to believe him. But to be fair, straights have the same type of scenes. There in the swinging hotels they own. Very exclusive. And just as vile I’m sure. Smdh

    Must of been hardcore night. Lol

    Free drugs, now I know it’s fake.

    Rer Ram says:

    even if half of the description is real… too much

    Tamara Konig Julianna Francesca Rachel Norton Mirren Wall

    If you believe this is real I’ve got a bridge to sell you…

    Kane Race says:

    it will have been a memorable holiday, at least. You can’t always say that

    Toby Lea says:

    Sounds like rubbish to me. European gay bars are more liberal than ours, but the most I’ve ever seen is viennas answer to trough man!!

    It’s not Berghain (the dance club) but the gay sex club downstairs called Laboratory, which is yes, a bit much. But Berghain is not a gay club, it’s just really inclusive and it is transgressive but not to that level. It’s mostly about the music, dancing and chilling

    Danny Shuter says:

    Well, this is my birthday party sorted.

    Ivan Grey says:

    This article is sooo fake As a first you do not even see Sven on entrance in Lab … he is there just as face control in Berghain Story’s that are described are from Lab and for sure not Berghain… like someone give a damn do you have scarf or you are dressed all in black in Lab … you need to take off your clothes anyhow This article should be deleted because Berghain do not deserve bad publicity… specially from gay portal …. as a place that offering safe stop for gays decades now this is disgraceful!!!! #LoveBerghain

    Dave McNeill says:

    Poor Kyle has 0 freunds 🙁

    Lance Day says:

    Bernd Streibel

    Lance Day says:

    Sounds like the Mineshaft in New York in the 80’s

    Marc Gary, fake or not, I lmao. I pictured our German friends talking about this place.

    The problem is that his yelp review isn’t funny, regardless of whether his experience is real or fake. I love phony yelp reviews that I have read, where they were so tongue-in-cheek (whose cheek we do not know) they might be considered in the same tradition as Twain or Dorothy Parker. With this one, I am not seeing that.

    Disgusting this im embarressed as a gay man wow this is shocking

    Jon Jon says:

    Sounds like a Monday morning to me… I don’t understand what was so shocking about this social club… It’s how we gay men meet and make life long friends and memories… Maybe it was the dress code that started the initial shock… And the slip and slide… Here in America, it’s actually an organization that is a little controversial called Planned Parenthood… I can’t wait to visit this haven and scream “BALLES TIEF!!” As I am being riden “cowgirl style” by a local native…

    And yelling “you’re a sick bastard!” On his way out surely hurt pinky gesture bro’s feelings

    David Redden says:

    Sounds like a kick ass club, I’d love to go see this place

    Yeah he is totally talking about the wrong club, sounds like a very exagerated description of LAB.oratory, great club. oh and it is not balles tief the german for balls deep is Bälle tief, or so i am told.

    Dan Collins says:

    Dear Stef Gerdes, try writing your own article instead of mindlessly copy-pasting the text from the review.

    “Balles Tief!”

    I call bullshit as well as just shit and assholes!

    Karin Adir says:

    On Fire Island we call that…Tuesday.

    Jon Perry says:

    Slippy??? He’s from Pittsburgh not Texas.

    Methinks ‘Kyles’ nightmare is actually his fantasy. Look at him. I don’t give a fck WHAT he was wearing, do you think THAT would get into ANY club in Berlin? I bet he plays with his own feces.

    i wish berghain were like that. unfortunately, berghain is just your typical impossibly cool (aka emperor’s new clothes) drug-fuelled club. also, “balles tief” is not even remotely german. is gaystarnews basically the Daily Star for gays?

    “Balles tief” does not make sense in German. Yes, “tief” means “deep” but would never be used like that. Plus, “balles” doesn’t mean balls as in testicles in German. The word most commonly used is “Eier” – literally “eggs”. Sounds all very made up….

    Alex Berger says:

    ” Balles” ist not German.

    tief is german for deep….

    Been to Berghain a lot of times and it’s really good fun. This dude probably is talking about the LABORATORY, which is there at the same complex but way too different than the regular dance floor or the Panorama Bar. Those he would like more for sure. Labs is for pHD gay people, let’s say. It’s also heavy to me, not me cup of tea, but being there at least once in a lifetime is such an experience, believe me when I say. Not for a straight guy from Texas though lol Well, I’m supposing he is real and had been there, so. Oh! I’ve seen plenty of boys and girls stopped at the door and the staff are really rough, it’s part of the legend. Growing a beard, wearing black and not hanging in a large amount of fellows help also. Once in Berlin don’t miss it.

    Somebody he said they were surprised when they went in there he knows a lot of stuff this is absolutely a fake story he knew what he was doing but he’s just a complete idiot

    I hate the fact that I was in Berlin in 2012 and I didn’t know about this place. It´s sounds fucking crazy and awesome. Damn, you germans from Berlin know how to make a good party.

    Brian Perrin says:

    Well said Ricardo!

    My question is. What night is this at berghain?!! When’s the next haha

    This place exists. It’s called Lab.oratory and it has its own rules. Never felt unsafe there. It’s part of a gay underground culture.

    Wayne Baker says:

    This is the scene from a film called “Irreversable”….

    To everyone who has not been! – He has mixed two seperate clubs in the building together creating one bad review for both. Berghain/Panorama has a door policy but does not have naked guys everywhere. Bergain is 75% straight male and female. Yet Lab.Oratory in the same building describes his experience better but is also exaggerated… I feel sad this is getting traction amongst the gay community and giving the club a new image.

    Go jerk off on the floor then slippery fuck face

    Ryan Travis says:

    Ondra Tichy I laughed a the elbo deep sighting and I dunno, maybe I would have helped the guy with the stuck fist dildo. But I too would have left right after that!

    Ondra Tichy says:

    Shirtless Bro I hear what you are saying, but it’s not the same. San Francisco is a beautiful diverse city with an amazing gay scene. However, there is not one single gay attraction that make people want to go to SF. This club is a tourist destination by itself. And everyone wants to be here Friday nights because the special at the bar is BOGO.

    Calm down bro. This is not even that bad. I’ve heard way worse about clubs right here in San Francisco.

    If this story is even totally true I think it’s a sad commentary and giving this a platform of exposure, (I think), is not the way I would go. We know these attitudes exist. This a**hole calls out “thought they seemed normal” “sick” “disgusting” and worse; IMO, you don’t go from Texas, by yourself, out of the country, to a gay club where no one will know you, and not know where you are going. This is practically, and with all proper respect to the tragedy in Orlando, another textbook self loathing, wishful thinking, and denial that propels violent thoughts and actions.

    Ryan Travis says:

    I agree with most of what you’re saying, but I too would be disgusted by that club and I’m gay and happy with my life.

    more like a whore house not a club wtf �������

    Sounds like a perfect bar ���

    Wes Morrison says:

    I’d go there.

    Jerry Haydel says:

    At Mardi Gras rather. Really was common place there a couple of years ago.

    Jerry Haydel says:

    Duncan Bouwer Sounds very much like some of the New Orleans French Quarter bars at Mardi Grad.

    Tom Ragu says:

    Very funny story

    Josh Douglas says:

    I was there and never saw anything like that. There is a straight dance floor upstairs at the Panorama bar. All people were clothed on both the main dance floor and the straight dance floor (there were people without their shirts on). I don’t know where this guy landed up. The club was fun and nothing like what he wrote about.

    I was there with Josh that night, and shit was HELLA gay, don’t let him steer you wrong.

    Aiden Bart says:

    the action is in the basement dude.

    Ahmad Al-d says:

    I think he got in laboratory 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Sora Quinn says:

    Ofcourse u would say that josh ✌️if you say so✌️🙄

    Gary Burgess says:

    Certain nights it’s exactly like that. Look up Snax at Easter

    I agree this is just hateful angst against, all the airline crew members go there, and this doesn’t happen, maybe in an Amsterdam leather bar private club.

    Yeah Berghain you have to go upstairs

    Jerry Haydel says:

    Nixon Saget II He did say they were in the “basement.”

    I think he went to the wrong place. There’s is a sex club right under the Berghain lol

    Josh Douglas says:

    Steven Traina perhaps… But not my experience.

    Lol. The reviews on Yelp seem to say differently. His story isn’t all that far fetched. There are some positive and negative reviews on Yelp that really seem to validate his story. Sometimes a story can be so absurd, that it has to be true.

    Luis Flores says:

    I hope this is not true, but alas I am inclined to think it might as well be, I am gay and proud but this kind of degrading behavior is way beyond me, I refuse to judge but can only come to the conclusion that this is why some hateful straight people decry our community, because of the rampant depravity some engage, definitely not for me and to those who are and think like me, make sure to date throughly before entering in relationships….we really don’t know where some of our peers have been and have done, you don’t want that in your lives.

    Gilbert Florens…I agree completely! Although, if this club is actually a reality, and you want to go there…so be it! My husband and I have been together for 14 years and legally married for 1and a half! We are strictly monogamous and have been since day 1! But even when we were datiing, neither one of us believed in being intimate until we really got to know each other much better! Something like this is exactly why most straight people have this stereotypical image of what the gay male society is all about! We try and live our lives in a relationship that was like our parents….devoted to each other ONLY! We pay our bills and taxes and maintain a nice home. We don’t ask anyone for anything and have a good standing in our community…and this is what we have strived to achieve!!!

    Trevor Clay says:

    I’m a big beautiful butterfly.

    All people should be as free as gay men.

    Brian Perrin says:

    Michael John Dennis absolutely nobody said this is all there is to being gay. One idiot who went to the club had a strong reaction which he posted. And a bunch of other people had judgmental reactions to the reactions to that. That is what happened. Relax everybody!

    Each to their own mate

    Sure sounds like you’re judging. Why you’d have a problem if a bunch of guys in a dark warehouse do this is beyond me. He’s the one that just assumed the space would be catered to him and had a problem with it

    Self – destructive behavior is more common among people whose sense of self worth has been compromised by discrimination and maltreatment. The more accepted gays are, the less self destructive they’ll be.

    Jake White says:

    That’s an extremely degrading tone for one who accuses others of being degrading…

    Fuck off idiot, LGBT people DO NOT judge their own kind. There’s enough hatred for us already without fucktards like you entering the debate and pouring fuel on the flames.

    KL Ray says:

    Carlos Marin Aragon Swinger’s clubs are worse. Fake tans, awful makeup, women pretending they’re porn stars (but who just look like church ladies), and they’re mostly gun-totin’ Libertarians who want to be train girls but don’t want their neighbors to know.

    Guy Schaffer says:

    it’s really sad to see gay people try to shame other gay people for the way we act in our own spaces. it’s not degrading to anyone, and if you really care about cultural attitudes about gayness it’s really destructive to echo this kind of conservative judgment

    If you’re legitimizing the persecution of a minority by the private behavior of some, that’s disturbing. There’s really no practical excuse for discrimination, especially based on the consensual sexual behavior of others.

    Joshua Gante Well, I really don’t judge others for how they choose to express their sexuality, and as long as it is expressed without the involvment of children or animals and is between consenting adults who are being honest with eachother and not putting any other person unwittingly in harms way, do what ever floats your boat really. That being said, for Johnnie Warren to accuse Gilbret Florens of being a “Prissy ass Martha Stewart queen” who is “dictat[ing] who gets to do what” based merely on Gilbret Florens’ comment is ridiculous to me. And apparently Mr. Warren believes that since Mr. Gilbret is not into the sexual activities described above, than he must boring and the type of person who just wants to stay home “knitting, crocheting or whatever it is you boring bitches do” and further accuses Mr. Florens of being judgmental just because he expressed reservations about the kind of lifestyle or sexual practices described in the above Yelp review. I think it’s safe to say that one can actually prefer not to engage in the above descibed activities, and even feel that those activites are not healthy ones to engage in, and yet STILL be the opposite of “boring,” “prissy” or “judgmental.” It’s a totally baseless reaction to legitimate and valid comments raised by Mr. Florens. The only judgmental person of the two is Mr. Warren. Like everyone is supposed to embrace that type of lifestyle or sexual practice, and if they do not, they should be slammed and judged and called “boring” or “prissy.” Lol! Just bizarre. To each his own Mr. Warren.

    Vince Nocito says:

    There are private sex clubs in NYC, LA, & elsewhere where stuff like this happens, but never heard of it as open to the public in this country

    Gilbert Florens, you better make sure to carry an umbrella with you because if you are caught outside in the rain you will surely drown without one.

    Oh and by the way I am 100% straight, inequality anywhere is still inequality everywhere.

    If this were a bunch of girls in the same situation guys would be like, that sounds like the best club ever. We are all the same, don’t try to play god, and for all you haters out there or Bible bashers that think a few sentences written a 2 thousand years ago hold merit today, please go fist yourself. WHO CARES WHAT SEXUALITY a person is. Honestly if this club was real more power to them. Sex is sex, people are people, and who cares what anyone thinks.

    Josue Nahum Oliver you realize that you just called anyone who enjoys a large amount of sex a “raw animal” with no values right? That’s slut shaming. It isn’t nice. YOU are the one whose values are lacking sir. Shame on you!

    Zepharius Lowell: So to be sure I understand, it’s ok for you to call me a dick but I’m harsh & think I’m better than other people for what said?Make no mistake, YOUR JUDGEMENT is also100% equal to mine.

    Sora Quinn says:

    I Agree Gilbret

    Yeah I agree Joe Stacey but this guy is mean spirited and people like this shouldn’t be allowed to get away with it. I’m sick of mean people. And maybe my rhetoric sounds a little childish but I’m at my wits end. I don’t know how else to convey it. Be nice. Stop slut shaming!

    Joe Stacey says:

    Do what you want. Life is short. Other people’s opinions about you are none of your business and not your problem.

    Gary Burgess says:

    Joshua Gante what a complete and utter load of moralistic rubbish. Maybe in parts of the USA sex club activity is an extreme minority practise but the world extends a little bit further than that. Have you travelled the bars clubs and saunas outside of the US? If you think that a rise in ‘monogamous’ relationships means a fall in promiscuity you know little of human nature. How many of those monogamous gay men and couples do you think genuinely remain monogamous? How many straight men in marriages are genuinely monogamous or are only so because of a lack of opportunity? I speak from experience from a 22yr supposedly monogamous gay refationship where neither actually were. We are male animals, gay or straight and no matter how enlightened we like to think we are, our species instinct is to fuck around. Marriage equality does not change that as my Dutch friends will testify, it’s very old news to them. As a footnote, having been to Berghain and Laboratory in the basement I can well believe every word. It’s an awesome place and the Easter Party Snax attracts a crowd from all over the world

    Johnnie Warren Like he doesn’t have a point? Do you think it would be a service or disservice to the gay community to portray homosexuality as an oversexualized community as opposed to a community of homosexuals? Is there a distinction in your mind between the two? If not, why? If so, how so and where and is that distinction shown clearly and consistently enough? Does depicting homosexuality as being oversexualized truly represent what being homosexual means and, if not, does that false depiction of homosexuality impede the advancement of homosexuals from attaining all of the rights and civil liberties enjoyed by other groups? If being homosexual isn’t about being oversexualized, then why does the homosexual community often portray themselves as such? Does that not discredit the homosexual community like a porn star or stripper would discredit themselves? Wake up.

    Johnnie Warren Yikes, I have some far out kinks and love the idea of public group sex too. But you don’t have to be a dick about it. People are entitled to be vanilla just as we are to have fetishes. Your judgement is 100% identical to his. So don’t act like somehow you’re better than him.

    You’re judgmental. It doesn’t matter what someone has done in their past as long as they have been tested for STDs. Why wouldn’t one want a person who enjoys fun sex in your life? A person went to a sex club in the past and they’re automatically untouchable? That is so mean spirited. Try to be a nicer and more tolerable person hon.

    Gavin Watson says:

    Dude, the straights are just as fucking kinky. This isn’t really my scene either but if you think that straight folks don’t like to fuck a little shit up some times you are deluded.. Keep an open mind. 😛

    Josue Nahum Oliver I’m not lumping anyone into anything.I’m saying do what you do, don’t do what you don’t do but shut the fuck up with putting down folks for their choices. There’s enough division in our community already and you realize that no matter how straight laced you think you are, there are straight folks who think you’re as disgusting as you think those club goers are. Do you & let others do them.

    Johnnie Warren You are judgmental as the OP… I dare even say more judgmental, as a matter of fact. You are lumping everyone who is not into being a slut and sleeping with 1000 guys a year or more a “prude.” That is a very ignorant statement. Calling them boring at the same time… Really? Having values and not being a raw animal is a bad thing? Like many people said, is not for everyone but spare me the common “intolerance argument” when you are the one who is being intolerant.

    Andy Lucas says:

    “I refuse to judge but” … then don’t.

    not my scene , but I wont play the respectability game , the world is a big place and not everyone lives in a straight heteronormative world , and …………………its no big deal, the ones who have a problem with it are the ones with the problem

    Prissy ass Martha Stewart queen. Who are you to dictate who gets to do what. If that’s not your thing, please do everyone a favor and stay home knitting, crocheting or whatever it is you boring bitches do. But please spare us your counseling and judgements.

    I wonder if you would make the same comment if the disco was a swinger’s club. Probably not as wild but in essence is the same thing.

    Tom Alan says:

    And to everyone a place

    Joe Stacey says:

    to each his own

    Terry Brown says:

    its a joke – very funny

    I havent laughed this hard in such a long time. hahahah

    I can’t stop laughing!!!

    ME TOO My stomach hurts !! XD

    The place is actually kinda a Slut who’re house and not clean aids is all over however if your just drinking its not bad

    2016 and people still don’t know the difference between AIDS and HIV?

    Akua Grant says:

    You could never get in.



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