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Straight guy builds ‘gay fortress’ for gay friend rejected by parents

Straight guy builds ‘gay fortress’ for gay friend rejected by parents

Gay fortress on minecraft

Coming out is difficult at the best of times. But when your family takes it badly, it can be one of the worst things an LGBTI person has to go through. So in the face of rejection, it’s lucky some people have friends who always have their backs.

Joel and Jordan are pals who have been playing online together for years. While they don’t live in the same country (Joel lives in Northern Ireland), they catch up all the time via video games. One day they were playing Xbox when Joel came out to Jordan.

‘He said he was telling his parents in a few hours. I was really excited for him,’ Jordan told Gay Star News. ‘A few hours later he sent me a message on Facebook that said he told his parents and that they were extremely against it and mad at him.

‘They didn’t want to talk to him and wanted to send him to live with his grandma. That’s when I decided to work on “gaying” up the castle we had built [on Minecraft]. Took me about 3 hours to gather all the materials.

‘Once he came on he didn’t realize anything different until he left the castle and turned around. I can’t remember his exact words but he said “Oh my god” and just paused for a few minutes.

‘He told me how much it means to him and how happy he was. He also said he shed a little tear.’

Joel shared the gay fortress on Reddit and many people offered their support.

One person said: ‘Just whoa! I recently had my son come out and recently understood the impact stuff like this has on people. You my friend are a good person have a blessed life!’

Another added: ‘If you put the time into doing this with him, to support him in who he is, you’re his real family.’

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