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Straight guys find ‘bromances’ more rewarding than relationships with women

Straight guys find ‘bromances’ more rewarding than relationships with women

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Many men find ‘bromances’ more emotionally rewarding than their romantic relationships with women.

Researchers has found ‘close male friendship’ among straight men are seen as beneficial. And this is due to decreased homophobia.

Of 30 young straight men questioned, 28 said they would rather discuss important emotional issues with their ‘bromantic’ partner.

They said they felt ‘less judged’ by their close male friends than their girlfriends.

The study also found young men ‘openly pronounce love’ to their male friends in a way that would have been socially banned in previous years. Because homophobia is less than an issue, according to the study, they are happier to engage in stronger bromances.

One participant, Brad, said: ‘There are absolutely things I tell my bromances and not the girlfriend.

‘She expects so much from the relationship and will have a go if I say something out of line, and with Matt we just tell each other everything.’

Another subject, Beck, said: ‘Guys nowadays, in my generation, there is so much kissing between guys because it’s showing affection.

Bromances are more ‘flexible’

Commenting on the study, researcher Adam White of Winchester University said: ‘The key thing that we found was that bromances were somewhat more flexible and judgement-free relationships comparable to romances.

‘The guys that we spoke to were clear that the only differences, other than sex, were that bromances were less judgemental, easier to resolve problems or arguments, and much more emotionally open, than romances.

‘These guys found it easier to talk to their bromances as there was less judgement and regulation in their bromantic relationships.

‘They didn’t feel like there was a standard to be kept or adhered to.

‘Therefore, they could express their feelings, anxieties and worries without being judged by their girlfriends.

‘And on the occasions where conflict did occur, it was seen as easier to fix with their bromances rather than their romances.’