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Straight guys reveal the gayest things they’ve ever done

Straight guys reveal the gayest things they’ve ever done

What's the gayest thing these straight guys have done? | Photo: Dominic Ford

Straight guys have revealed their gayest experience they’ve ever had, and it gets pretty erotic.

Here are a few of our favorites from this Reddit thread.

‘I’m a professional body piercer. I touch other dudes’ dicks all the time.’

‘Lost my phone. Thought my friend took it because he had a bulge in his pants, grabbed said bulge, handful of dick.’

Lots of penis sightings in the military

Gay military couple breaks the internet with cuteness
Gay military couple breaks the internet with cuteness

‘I’ve probably seen more dicks in person than most other men thanks to the military.’

‘I said I was gay in fifth grade so people would stop thinking I liked this one girl.’

‘2015: me a horny college freshman with a girlfriend that I was figuring how to break up with.

‘I went to a conference five to six hours away in a large city, with approximately 700 college students attending. Like any college event, after it was over, there was after hours fun with alcohol and partying.

‘Went to a party with some friends, clicked with a girl who keep feeding me drinks until I was exploding with lust, drunk, and ready to fuck something. Long story short, I realized some of her(the GF) friends were there and I stopped myself.

‘Hotel room, two hours later, drunk and sleeping in a king bed with a dude because my college was cheap, I started dreaming about fucking the girl at the party.

‘Turns out I had been spooning the dude on the other side of the bed by accident and probably humping him in my sleep.’

Sweet stories

‘On deployment in the Marine Corps. I was laying in the desert next to my team leader under a perfect sky. All the stars were out and the air felt like the shade on a hot day.

‘Him and I talked calmly about our families, our dreams, and how perfect the sky looked and how small that made us.

‘”Hold my hand” he said. I could feel, without touching, that his arm was extending.

‘Over the course of the following second I contemplated my whole existence before half consciously reaching out to him. His hand felt nice and we said nothing. This lasted for maybe 10 minutes until we fell asleep.’

‘Once, my friend group decided to skinny dip and play truth or dare. The girls wanted to see how far us guys would go so they kept daring us to do shit like make out, touch each other’s dicks, etc.

‘For me personally, I made out with another guy, and one of the guys kissed my dick. I’d say that’s pretty far to go for all of us. We’re all straight.’

Straight guys and frat hazing

Two topless men lying on a bed
Two guys in a ‘frat’ | Photo:

‘Not mine, but I had a friend whose frat’s hazing was to watch gay porn with the rest of the freshmen, the first one to have an erection was declared the gayest (this was years back guys), after every scene if none of them had a hard on they took a shot.

‘Apparently they watched two movies and everybody passed out half the third one.’

‘My friends and I were all in a bathroom together, and we were really hyped up for some reason, and we showed each other our wieners. Oddly enough I think it made us better friends.’

‘My wrestling team and I used to have group nap sessions where we would use each other as pillows.’

‘I was curious what it would be like to suck a dick.. turns out I’m still straight lol.’

‘Oh boy…when I went to basic training, the recruiters told me that it’s an adjustment but after 2 weeks, you kind of get into a rhythm. Your sleep pattern changes, you’re away from your phone, Reddit, and really any contact with the outside world except for a few blocks of time. It’s all an adjustment.

‘What they DON’T tell you is how fucking weird it is to not be touched by another human being for weeks on end. And not even in a sexual way, just any touching in general usually doesn’t happen. I’m not shaking hands or high-fiving or hugging anybody, and neither would you.

‘I didn’t even notice how much I missed being touched until we paired up and had to rig up our vests for a range day. I needed a little help so this dude starts adjusting my vest while I’m wearing it.

‘The gay part is that it felt fucking AMAZING to have another dude touching my back. I’m pretty sure I let out an audible “oh yeah”. It felt so good that I purposely fucked it up after he was done and had him re do it. The second time I was leaning into it, eyes closed, the whole works..’

Did gay stuff…for science

‘Once I was hanging out with my friend and he was fucking around on online dating. I wanted to ask him to stop doing that so we could do something else together. The sentence that came out of my mouth:

‘”Why are you looking for a girlfriend online when you have me?”‘

‘In college I smoked some weed with my neighbor in the dorm. I got so high that I had a panic attack and to calm me down he basically had to cuddle with me and then put on Animal Planet.’

‘Physically, made out with a dude/licked a dingle, for science. Learned I’m definitely not gay.

‘Beyond that, when I’m drunk at karaoke I’ll rock the shit out of some Shania. LET’S GO GIRLS.’