Guys are paying complete strangers to rate their penis

Guys are paying to have their penis rated by this reddit user

A Reddit user is now offering to rate your penis, for a small fee of $20.

In exchange, The Banana_Butcher will give you a three paragraph dick description, reports Mel Magazine.

If you really feel like splashing out, a mere $35 unlocks the ‘Ultraball option’ where you will get you a custom-made nude video reaction, to your dick pic.

It will evaluate the ‘length, girth, grooming, veins and balls.’ In her Reddit post, Eevee says she is a wizard with words:

‘Let me tell you how I feel about your cock, in splendid detail! Let me know if you want worshipping, honesty, or bring out my butcher knife for brutality.’

She is ranking the cocks from one to ten, and will even compare you to other cocks she has seen:

‘I’ll also give you an estimate of how large you are (and I’m accurate 99.2% of the time). I’ll also tell you what positions I think you would be good for, and what I’d like to do to your cock.’

She tells Mel Magazine, ‘boys flock to me to have their dicks rated’

Dick rating is no new concept

Fancy a go at it your self? Reddit has an answer for that too.

The ‘Rate My Cock’ subreddit is definitely NSFW. It tells people to post pictures if they want to get ‘genuine responses to the look of a penis.’

It suggests people post pictures of their quivering member if they want to get ‘genuine responses to the look of their penis.’

They do carry a warning to users as well: ‘If you can’t handle potentially negative responses then don’t post.’

If you don’t fancy contributing to the ‘Solid grip on my shaft’ thread or never really got your head around Reddit – don’t worry, the ‘Critiquemydickpic’ Tumblr (also NSFW) might be more for you.

In other penis news

Yesterday it was announced the UK average penis size is 6.36 inches. The new research suggests men in Wales have the biggest cocks, with an average size of 6.56 inches.

London comes a close second place with 6.51 inches, followed by East Anglia with 6.47 inches.

However, at the other end of the scale, the East Midlands has the smallest average penis of 6.11 inches.

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