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‘Straight Lives Matter’ rally to be held in Sydney

‘Straight Lives Matter’ rally to be held in Sydney

A rainbow crossing in Taylor Square, Sydney, in 2013 – site of the original Mardi Gras peaceful protest for LGBTI rights

As the debate around marriage equality heats up in Australia ahead of a planned postal survey on the issue, a rally is planned for straight people.

Last week the Australian government committed to holding a non-binding public postal survey on marriage equality. Some marriage equality advocates have lodged a High Court appeal which will be heard in early September.

Both sides of the debate have ramped up their campaign, including the right-wing Party for Freedom.

It plans to hold a ‘Straight Lives Matter’ rally in the heart of Sydney’s LGBTI Mecca, Taylor Square.

The group wants to protest the prospect of marriage equality saying it believes in the institution of marriage.

‘We believe tradition is important, and the biological institution of marriage should not be redefined to suit a minority sexual orientation,’ the party wrote on Facebook.

The event appropriated the Black Lives Matter movement which was formed to protest the epidemic of law enforcement shooting black people in the United States.

The Party for Freedom is a right-wing group who call for the end of Muslim immigration to Australia. It unsurprisingly has some negative views on the LGBTI community.

‘Gay marriage is the latest fad pushed by the left-wing politicians, left wing media, cashed up gay rights groups and social justice warriors under the modern perversion of ‘rights’ as a social justice movement,’ it wrote on its website.

‘The gay rights movement is based on compassion ignoring the dangers the lifestyle experiment may pose to children.’

The rainbow community steps in

While a number of the Facebook comments support the Party for Freedom’s rally, LGBTI advocates have also voiced their support for marriage equality.

‘Haha I’m sorry but how does legalising same sex marriage directly affect you if you are straight? It will only affect those it applies to so who cares?’ wrote one Facebook user.

‘The world will keep turning and you’ll still have to keep paying your bills and taxes. It will literally have zero effect on your life so maybe you should just let it go.

‘The LGBTI community don’t want special treatment they just want equal rights. Let people be happy…’