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Straight people are being ‘tricked’ to see gay movies because of the posters

Straight people are being ‘tricked’ to see gay movies because of the posters

Straight people are accidentally going to see gay films because of the marketing

Straight people are being ‘tricked’ to see gay movies because of the posters.

Twitter was introduced to the idea of ‘straightbaiting’ by a viral tweet.

Queerbaiting is hinting to an audience, but then to not depict, a same-sex romantic relationship.

Back when Brokeback Mountain was being advertised, you could argue Hollywood was tricking straight people into seeing the film.

Straight people ‘tricked’ into see gay movies

‘I know y’all hate queerbaiting but you know what I find really funny? Straightbaiting,’ Twitter user swiftledger said.

‘Imagine being het and entering the cinema to watch Brokeback Mountain after seeing these posters just to end up sitting there to watch Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal fuck for two whole hours.’

The tweet went viral, racking up thousands of retweets and likes.

Some people responded to say Hollywood has not exactly given up on the practice of ‘straightbaiting’.

They have done it with A Single Man.

And also Call Me By Your Name.



Is Hollywood really tricking homophobic audiences? 

Some asked why anyone would want to see these ‘gay’ films based on those posters.

The reasoning is that many people just go to the movies based on very little information.

The other line of thinking is that Hollywood knows that people know of Brokeback Mountain and Call Me By Your Name are ‘gay films’.

If straight, more homophobic, audiences are convinced there is a heterosexual romance then they may be more inclined to go and see it in the theaters.

Memories of homophobes seeing Brokeback Mountain

Many people remembered their own experiences of watching Brokeback Mountain.

Anthony Oliveira said he remembered working in a cinema when the film came out in 2005.

‘I worked in a small arthouse cinema as a teenager when this movie came out,’ he said.

‘My job for four weeks was to refund old homophobic couples’ tickets when the lube-free gay fucking started.’

The gay influencer added: ‘Honestly I shook with rage and suppressed tears every time.’

Other people had their own memories of going to see Brokeback Mountain with homophobic friends and relatives.

Kat Combs said: ‘I used to tell a joke on stage how when my mom and I  were about to watch Brokeback, she said, “I don’t want you to be upset if this is about how a gay man falls in love with a woman.

‘I was like [WTF?].

‘So she explains that the poster said “love conquers anything”. I just let it unfold.’

Other movies

Other people shared their own memories of friends and family seeing ‘gay’ mainstream movies.

‘A verrry churchgoing cousin saw (and walked out of) [A Single Man] because she thought it was a throwback to the “classy films” of yore.’

‘When I was 17 my mum and I went to see a matinee of “My Beautiful Laundrette”, another said.

‘There was a big group of old people who obvs expected to see a movie simply about laundry cause the first time something gay happened they all made disgruntled noises and 30 of them left.’


And our possible favorite is this one.

‘My grandma got my grandpa to come see Priscilla Queen of the Desert by telling him it was a film about deserts,’ a Twitter user said.

‘At a certain point, he realized he’d been had and turned his body 90 degrees to face the wall. He sulked, she sang along.’

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