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Straight politicians preferred by 4 in 10 US millennials

Straight politicians preferred by 4 in 10 US millennials

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According to a new poll of millennials in the United States, 4 in 10 prefer heterosexual political candidates.

BuzzFeed News and Maru/Blue conducted an online poll of 1,006 millennials (ages between 22 and 37) studying their political beliefs.

They ran the poll between 21-24 September. Respondents were split nearly equally among men and women, but other demographics had larger disparities. A majority (55%) of the respondents identified themselves as white, and 21% and 14% identified as Hispanic and black, respectively. An even larger majority (89%) identified as straight, while 11% identified as LGBTQ.

The poll asked questions about the 2016 presidential election, political candidates, the Trump administration, and beyond.

Who are the political candidates people want to see running?

‘If everything else about the candidates were equal, which would you prefer?’ asked one question in the poll.

42% said a straight candidate, 51% said it didn’t matter. Meanwhile, 2% said a gay or lesbian person, 3% said someone who’s bisexual, and 1% said transgender or another identity each.

Both gender and political party also revealed differences.

53% of men said they preferred a straight candidate, compared to only 31% of women. Most of the women (65%) said they didn’t care. It was a similar reversal for Democrats and Republicans. While 64% of Republicans prefer a straight candidate, most Democrats (52%) don’t care.

For race and gender, it was less split. A majority — both overall, and between the individual groups — said they didn’t care about the candidate’s gender identity or race.

Almost 1 in 10 men (9%), however, said they’d prefer a gender non-conforming or fluid person.

Talking about issues and Trump

When asked about which issues are ‘human rights’, 51% responded affirmatively for marriage equality. Both women, Democrats, and Independents had a majority over their counterparts.

45% total also said diversity and trans rights are human rights.

Half of the respondents said they agree with their parents on LGBT rights, while 24% said they disagree. More men and Republicans said they agree.

When asked which of Trump’s actions bothered them most, a majority (71%) said family separation at the border did, followed closely by the way he talks about black and Hispanic people (68%). For women and Democrats, more than half of them responded that all the actions listed bothered them.

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