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Straight Pride UK attempts to silence gay rights blogger and fails

Straight Pride UK attempts to silence gay rights blogger and fails

A homophobic Twitter campaign Straight Pride UK has attempted to silence a student’s gay rights journalism and has failed.

Oliver Hotham, a 22-year-old second year student, decided to interview the ‘straight rights’ campaigners for his new self-named blog.

With an interest in extremist thinkers and conspiracy theorists, he asked the group whether they thought heterosexuality was the ‘natural orientation’.

‘Heterosexuality is the default setting for the human race, this is what creates life,’ they said.

‘If everyone made the decision to be homosexual, life would stop. People are radicalized to become homosexual, it is promoted to be “ok” and right by the many groups that have sprung up.

‘Marriage is a man and a woman, homosexuals had civil partnerships, which was identical to marriage with all the same rights. They wanted to destroy marriage and have successfully done so.’

The spokesman added: ‘Straight Pride support what Russia and Africa is doing, these country [sic] have morals and are listening to their majorities.

‘These countries are not “anti-gay” – that is a term always used by the Homosexual Agenda to play the victim and suppress opinions and views of those against it.’

The quotes, sent to Hotham in a document marked ‘Press Release’, was then used for his blog post.

Thinking nothing more of it, he later received an email from Straight Pride UK demanding for him to take it down as they claimed he had infringed their copyright.

Speaking to Gay Star News, Hotham said: ‘It seemed to me they had given it to me, realized the article made them look bad, and found some tenuous legal reason for me to take it down.’

Wordpress had told Hotham they had received a Digital Millennium Copyright Act notice from the organization and told him he would have to take the article down.

Worried he would have to pay legal fees, he agreed.

But when he decided to write a riposte, explaining why he decided to allow himself be silenced by Straight Pride UK, the group did not accept that either.

They demanded Hotham remove every reference to their group as he was ‘harassing’ them and it was a further breach of copyright.

‘When people said I shouldn’t have taken it down in the first place, well, I wasn’t really given the choice,’ he said.

‘I actually kind of prefer people are finding the original archive and posting it themselves.

‘That saves me the trouble of making a big legal stink. I also like the spirit of it, the freedom of information.’

Hotham noted it was amusing Straight Pride UK had attempted to silence him, and it ended up creating a bigger furore.

Back in May, Gay Star News exposed the campaign after they called for a heterosexual pride for ‘normal humans’.

On Straight Pride UK’s website, they attempted to smear GSN by describing us as the ‘pink mafia’.

In a statement, WordPress said it recognised this was an abuse of the DMCA law.

‘We think this was a case of abuse of the DMCA and we don’t think that taking it down was the right result,’ said Paul Sieminski, general counsel for WordPress parent company Automattic. ‘It’s censorship using the DMCA.’

He added: ‘We can’t verify that the complainant actually owns the copyrighted information – we rely on the fact they sign their complaint and verify, under penalty of perjury, that they own the copyright.’

Read an archived version of Hotham’s article here, and his response on his own blog here.