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Straight Republican candidate Antonio Sabàto Jr has R-rated gay film history

Straight Republican candidate Antonio Sabàto Jr has R-rated gay film history

Antonio Sabàto Jr speaking at a Republican conference and starring in gay sex scene

Antonio Sabàto Jr is running as a Republican candidate for the U.S. Congress in California.

Sabàto is running a campaign promoting traditional GOP ‘family values’ and personally endorsed Donald Trump during his presidential election campaign in 2016.

Sabàto was previously a Calvin Klein model and appeared on various television programs. But he also starred in a couple of movies, some of which he played gay characters.

Antonio Sabàto Jr
Antonio Sabàto Jr in Testosterone. | Photo: YouTube

One such movie is called Testosterone, released in 2003. In it, he plays Pablo, a gay Argentine who disappears under mysterious circumstances.

He appears in a steamy R-rated sex scene and spends a lot of air time in his underwear.

He also appeared in Deadly Skies, a 2005 film about the world ending through a giant asteroid heading towards Earth.

Sabàto plays the character of Richard Donovan, a former Air Force officer discharged under Don’t ask, don’t tell.

He appears in two soft core gay sex scenes.

‘That was a different time in my life’

When asked how his Republican candidacy stacks up against his previous gay roles, Antonio Sabàto Jr said he wasn’t ashamed.

Sabàto told The Jesse Lee Peterson Show on Thursday (18 January): ‘That was a different time in my life.

‘But as actors, we do roles that are pushing the envelope. You want to show off your acting ability, and you want to test your chops, and that’s what I did.’

He continued: ‘We don’t do every single movie that we’re proud of.’

Sabàto is pro-Trump and pro building a wall on the border of Mexico and North America. Yet, he moved to America in 1985 as an immigrant from Italy.

He also wants to bring Christianity back into schools, after claiming Barrack Obama took the ‘Bible completely out of the schools.’