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Stranger Things introduces its first LGBTI character in the new season

Stranger Things introduces its first LGBTI character in the new season

Robin, Steve, and Dustin from Stranger Things

Netflix released the third season of its 80s-inspired and set sci-fi series Stranger Things on Thursday (4 July).

The season picks up following the second season’s events of 1984 with a time jump to the summer of 1985. Hawkins, Indiana is now facing an infestation of puberty, lots of teen kissing, a new mall — oh, and rabid rats and Russians.

While the season is very similar to its predecessors, it has one new exciting element: an LGBTI character.

Warning: Spoilers for Stranger Things season 3

Hawkins, Indiana just got gayer

The big reveal comes in the seventh episode of the eight-episode season. Newcomer Robin (Maya Hawke, the daughter of Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke) comes out to fan-favorite Steve Harrington in a bathroom after they escape an evil Russian facility under Starcourt, the town’s sprawling new mall.

Earlier in the season, Robin told Steve she had an ‘obsession’ with him in school.

Taking this to mean she’s had a years-long crush on him, Steve tells Robin in the bathroom after their escape he has new feelings for someone: her.

Unfortunately for Steve, Robin clarifies her obsession with him was because Tammy Thompson had a crush on him. She wanted to know what Steve had that she didn’t to captivate Tammy.

‘But she’s a girl,’ Steve replies.

Robin raises her eyebrows until it dawns on him.

But the best part of this scene is how Steve immediately accepts who Robin is, and her coming out to him only strengthens their friendship. Steve isn’t angry or hurt, and the pair end up laughing on the floor of the bathroom stall together.

What Stranger Things fans are saying

Fans are thrilled at the representation on the show, and have already begun stanning Robin.

One person tweeted early on in the season they were shipping Steve and Robin and the replies were priceless.

Fans also wanted to protect Robin, and loved that Steve did too.

Netflix renewed Stranger Things for a fourth season already — here’s hoping Robin sticks around (with Steve as a wingman).

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