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Strictly mocked for routine in which 2 dancers almost kiss and we’re cringing

Strictly mocked for routine in which 2 dancers almost kiss and we’re cringing

'Let the boys on Strictly kiss you cowards!' said one fan | Photo: BBC

BBC talent show Strictly Come Dancing has irked viewers by screening a group dance in which two male pro dancers almost kiss.

The dance, screened last night, ends with professional dancers Graziano Di Prima and Giovanni Bernice almost locking lips.

They both go in to kiss fellow dancer Luba Mushtuk on the cheek, but she pulls away from both at the last second. The guys then pull faux-shocked faces.

The prior routine showed the guys competing for Luba’s affections, play-fighting and at some points dancing together.

To watch the moment in question, head to last night’s episode of Strictly on BBC iPlayer. The miss-kiss occurs at the 3:40 mark.


Fans of the show were quick to vent their disappointment on Twitter and other social sites.


Another said: ‘A good choreographer would have forced them to kiss #strictly.’

A third commented: ‘You’re telling me they put all that effort into that dance and they didn’t kiss at the end? BORING #Strictly.’

However, some were happy to simply Italians Graziano and Giovanni interact on screen. ‘Could watch Graziano and Giovanni dance together all day #Strictly,’ said one.

Strictly has of course already caused controversy among LGBTI audiences this year by once again opting for exclusively mixed-sex couples on the show.

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