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This student kicked a transphobic boy and then the school expelled her

This student kicked a transphobic boy and then the school expelled her

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A female student who kicked a transphobic male student in the girls’ restroom at their Alaska high school was expelled.

The incident occurred because the male student was protesting another student, a trans male student who is currently transitioning, after that student posted a selfie from the boys’ bathroom.

A group of boys were upset by the selfie so they staged a protest at North Pole High School in North Pole, Alaska. Their protest consisted of enterting the girls’ bathroom and posting their own selfie.

Dr. Karen Gaborik, the superintendent of the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District, confirmed the story to BuzzFeed News.

The trans student posted his selfie to Snapchat and Gaborik said the group of boys became ‘upset about the public nature of the post and restroom use’.

One of the boys posted about the protest to Snapchat.

Snapchat screenshot
The Alaskan student’s Snapchat about the protest | Photo: BuzzFeed

On the day of their so-called ‘protest’, a group of seven male students made to enter a girls’ restroom.

As the first one entered, a female student was leaving the restroom and she kicked him in the groin on her way out. The other boys turned around and left.

The girl is expelled

The school reportedly conducted an investigation per Title IX, which bans discrimination on the basis of sex in schools.

They disciplined both the female student and the seven boys. On Monday (15 April), the girl’s family told BuzzFeed she had been ‘expelled indefinitely’.

The girl’s sister also tweeted this:

Following her expulsion, the girl who kicked the male student defended herself in a Facebook comment.

‘These guys (and men some were 18) came into the female bathroom and scared me. And in a reaction I kneed him,’ she wrote. ‘I didn’t even know what I did till after. I was scared. There was no way for me to leave the bathroom or I would have.’

With the help of her family, the girl is now appealing her expulsion.

Responses to the incident

Gaborik released a statement to the school’s decisions of discipline.

‘We do not advocate physical or psychological violence as a means to attain safety,’ she said. ‘If a student uses force against another student or against staff, that use of force is evaluated for potential discipline under the self-defense laws of the State and the facts and circumstances of the incident.’

Meanwhile, Republican state Rep. Tammie Wilson defended the girl’s use of physical violence.

‘I  don’t care why the boys were in the bathroom,’ Wilson said at a news conference.

She continued: ‘I heard there was some kind of protest going on, but doesn’t matter. I just wanted to make sure I had this opportunity to tell those young ladies at North Pole High School… if you ever feel threatened for your safety, whatever force you think you have to give, I will stand behind you. And so will our community.’

She also added the expulsion sends the ‘wrong message’.

Many people on Facebook also slammed the school’s decision to expel the student.

Gaborik said the district has numerous transgender students and staff members and they work with them individually to best meet their needs.

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