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Canadian students arrested for ‘gang sexual assault’ at all-boys school

Canadian students arrested for ‘gang sexual assault’ at all-boys school

Students at St Michael's College School

Toronto police say they received two new videos pertaining to an investigation into sexual assault allegations at an all-boys Catholic school.

According to the BBC, St Michael’s College School expelled eight students last week in connection with the allegations.

Police charged six of the boys with assault, gang sex assault, and sex assault with a weapon. Authorities are withholding their names because they’re minors. Following their arrests, they were released on bail and are scheduled to appear in court on 19 December.

The videos were sent to authorities following the arrests.

‘These incidents came to us after we announced the charges in our call-out to other victims,’ said police spokeswoman Meaghan Gray.

Police are now investigating a total of six separate incidents at the school, located in the neighborhood of Forest Hill.

Founded in 1852 and administered by the Basilian Fathers, the school is the largest of its kind in Canada and has approximately 1,080 students enrolled from grades 7-12.

The school’s reputation is for its high standards of academics and athletics, specifically ice hockey.

Horrific allegations and the responses

Of the two new videos received, police said one shows an alleged assault with a weapon, while they are considering the other a threat.

Out of the six alleged incidents, police also said two involved a potential sexual assault captured on film.

One of the incidents reportedly took place in a locker room, according to authorities. A boy was allegedly pinned down on the floor as other students assaulted him with a broom handle.

In another instance, a separate student reportedly sat in a bathroom sink in his underwear while other students hazed him by spitting on and slapping him.

According to the school’s timeline of events, they became aware of the incident in the locker room on 12 November, but did not report it to the police until two days later.

St Michael’s canceled mid-year assessments and ‘all events involving external groups, teams, and public performances for the remainder of 2018’.

They are also hosting a self-help day on 11 December. On this day, students will ‘participate in workshops and discussions pertaining to the issues that have arisen’.

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