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Students create app to connect LGBTI patients with inclusive doctors

SpectrumScores is expected to launch by the end of the month

Students create app to connect LGBTI patients with inclusive doctors
Three UPENN students create health care app for LGBTI patients

A brand new LGBTI health care app is getting ready to launch by the end of the month.

University of Pennsylvania med students Naveen Jain, Jun Jeon, and Phil Williams created SpectrumScores as part the university’s PennHealthX competition. This competition challenges students to develop health care-focused concepts.

The main goal of the app is to connect LGBTI patients with doctors recognizes as inclusive and allies by various organizations and medical centers.

An app wasn’t the trio’s first idea.

They brainstormed ideas related to blood pressure and acne first. ‘We all had a collective realization that [those ideas] weren’t really reflective of what we were actually passionate about,’ Williams told NBC. That’s where SpectrumScores came in.

An important app for LGBTI individuals

Studies have found LGBTI people face more discrimination when seeking health care. This app can hopefully combat that.

There is also the possibility for the app to take more into account beyond gender and sexual identity going forward.

‘Everything here is voluntary. You can remain anonymous when you write a review,’ Jeon said. ‘We have not put anything to indicate their race yet, but [with] later user feedback, if that would prove helpful for the physicians and the user community, then we could put that on there as well.’

There’s no denying the trio’s passion for the project.

SpectrumScores plans to roll out to a few cities at the start, such as Philadelphia and New York, before broadening out to the entire United States.

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