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Students in North Carolina catfish gay teacher on Grindr, get arrested

Students in North Carolina catfish gay teacher on Grindr, get arrested

Brian Anderson and Brittney Luckenbaugh are out on $5,000 bail

Two high school students in North Carolina have been arrested for tricking a gay teacher into sending them a nude photo on Grindr then sharing it with other students.

Brian Joshua Anderson, 16, and Brittney Renee Luckenbaught, 16, are accused of creating a phony profile and misrepresenting themselves as a 35-year-old man on the gay hook-up site – a practice known as catfishing.

The Swansboro High School students are charged with misdemeanor disclosure of private images and were each released on $5,000 bail. Their first court appearance is set for 15 June.

The Onslow County Sheriff’s Office states that the pair did ‘knowingly disclose an image of another person… without the affirmative consent of the depicted person.’

The teacher, 51-year-old David Laughinghouse was initially suspended with pay but has since returned to work.

But instead of working on campus, the French instructor is being made to teach remotely from a nearby school.

‘He’s still being punished after becoming a victim,’ states a petition. ‘A source close to Mr. L says that he is devastated by this decision. This “compromise” effectively isolates him from his support system.’

The petition has been signed by over 5,000 people so far.

Laughinghouse recently took to a Facebook page chronicling the situation to thank those who have stood by him.

‘I feel like I need to acknowledge the overwhelming amount of support that has been shown me during this very trying time,’ he writes.

‘I am so very proud to teach, to have taught or have had the opportunity to work with so many wonderful students at, not only Swansboro High School, but across Onslow County.

‘Although I am currently not at liberty to discuss anything related to this incident, I do want to thank all for their unwavering support and the wonderful comments. We never know how much we touch the lives of others. A teacher’s greatest reward is seeing what wonderful adults his/her students become.’