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Students rally around 18-year-old Florida high schooler failed for doing gay porn

Students rally around 18-year-old Florida high schooler failed for doing gay porn

An 18 year-old high school student in Brevard County, Florida was suspended last week after he was bullied by a group of fellow students after they discovered he’d appeared in a gay porn video.

‘Noel’ (not his real name) had made a video for porn company Sean Cody to earn money to help his mother with financial problems but someone who knew him must have seen it as word soon got around his Cocoa High School.

Noel was reportedly severely bullied by a group of classmates over the video but instead of suspending them the school suspended him for 10 days for causing a ‘campus disturbance.’

As a result of the suspension Noel was automatically failed on his high school diploma due to absence from school.

The details of his suspension became public after a gay cousin of a student at Cocoa High School posted the details to the r/gaybros subreddit on Reddit – which The Gayly Grind was later able to substantiate.

Florida’s age of consent is 18 and pornography isn’t illegal in the state so Noel was not breaking the law.

Word of his suspension over the video soon spread through his school and a large group of Cocoa High School students rallied against Noel’s suspension on social media, changing their Facebook profile photo to a blue square with the slogan ‘Support [Noel’s real name].’

A large group of students reportedly skipped 7th period on Friday and gathered to stomp and shout his name in the school’s quad in protest.

A classmate posted a photo of the protest action to social media, writing ‘All these people be protesting and stomping and yelling [Noel’s real name] like there be an earthquake.’

The same day Noel posted to Facebook that he intended to challenge his suspension.

‘Coming back to Cocoa isn’t the best for me but bringing justice to the disciplinary system and discrimination of the administration has not slipped my mind either,’ he wrote.