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Nearly two million LGBTI US teens consider suicide per year

Nearly two million LGBTI US teens consider suicide per year

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Nearly two million LGBTI American teens consider suicide each year, a damming study released today (27 June) has shown.

With an administration that continues to rescind pro-LGBTI measures, political groups debating their entire existence, and ongoing soaring hate crime rates, the future of queer youth in US is in crisis.

The disturbing trend was observed by the Trevor Project, an American charity founded to prevent LGBTI suicides.

What does the study say?

In total, the Trevor Project estimated that 1,892,000 LGBTI youth aged between 13 and 24 have, per year, considered taking their own life.

According to the 2017 US Census, the number of youth aged between 13 and 18 is around 25,216,710. Around 10.5% of those identify as LGBTI, several studies suggest.

Trevor researchers ‘conservatively estimated that 45.3% of LGBTI youth ages 13-18 seriously considered suicide in the past year.’

This means that 1,199,000 LGBTI teens have seriously considered taking their lives.

Infographic: Gay Star News
Infographic: Gay Star News

While researchers estimated that 23,344,967 US citizens are aged between 19 and 24. Around 9.6% of those are LGBTI.

Again, Trevor researchers reconciled multiple studies and sources together. Through this, the charity ‘estimated that 27.4% of LGBTQ youth ages 19-24 seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year,’ according to the accompanying report.

The charity estimated that 693,000 LGBTQ youth ages 19-24 have seriously considered suicide in the past year.

‘Suicide is an ongoing public health crisis’

As a result, Trevor hope to use their findings to advocate for more LGBTI suicide preventative policies.

‘Suicide is an ongoing public health crisis for young people in the US, especially among [LGBTI] youth,’ said Amit Paley, head of the Trevor Project, in a statement.

‘Better understanding the mental health experiences of LGBTQ young people is a major step in addressing their significantly higher risk for attempting suicide.’

Furthermore, Trevor published the findings to coincide with celebrations across the globe for LGBTI Pride Month as well as the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising in New York City.

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