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Study: Trans adults in the US have higher risk of ‘poor’ physical health

Study: Trans adults in the US have higher risk of ‘poor’ physical health

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According to a shocking US study, trans adults may be more likely to have unhealthy habits and medical issues in part due to the discrimination they face.

Researchers examined survey data from thousands of trans people as well as cisgendered people.

Among JAMA Internal Medicine’s findings, they found trans folk were more likely to be current smokers and consider their physical health ‘poor,’ Reuters reported.

What did they find?

Researchers compared survey data from 3,075 trans adults as well as 719,567 adults who are cisgender between 2014 and 2017.

They found that across that period, treatment of and attitudes towards trans people only got worse. Linking the lack of protections for trans people to their health and wellbeing.

Around 3 in ten trans people reported being in ‘fair’ or ‘poor’ health over the past month. Moreover, around 66% reported experiencing severe mental distress.

2 in ten trans respondents were current smokers, compared to 16% of cisgender people.

About 35% of trans individuals were inactive. Contrasting to nearly 26% of cisgender adults.

And while 85% of cisgender people have health insurance, 80% of trans folk can say the same.

Trans protections are a public health issue

Study author Kellan Baker told Reuters: ‘This study shows that being a transgender person in the US today, being transgender in a society that you know doesn’t fully accept you, is hard.

‘It affects your health in negative ways, and that’s why issues such as nondiscrimination protections for transgender people are public health issues.’

Furthermore, an estimated 0.55% of those surveyed identified as trans, which suggests there may be around 1.27 million trans adults in the US.

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