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This gorgeous time lapse will make you see New York in a new light

This gorgeous time lapse will make you see New York in a new light

From the Flatiron Building to Broadway, Choi's video brings out the city's spectacular colors

In a city like New York, it’s hard to capture it in a new way, but a Korean videographer’s stunning time lapse proves it’s not impossible.

When Kyoung Sop Choi travelled from his home in South Korea’s Incheon to New York City to film, winter had a firm grip on the city.

But icy temperatures didn’t deter the photographer, who set out to capture New York in a time lapse video, and neither did they stop New Yorkers from enjoying their city.

‘I encountered streets bustling with nightlife, non-stopping lights and subways, ferries, stream of people etc,’ Choi says about his experience while filming.

‘The gigantic city, to me, was a big melting pot of all sorts of colors. So I tried to express the colors.’

The result is a stunning four-minute time lapse video, capturing scenes all over the city in a visual translation of NYC’s nickname as the city that never sleeps.

Sometimes, they bustle with people; at other times, there is no-one but the camera and the never-ending stream of cars.

Filmed in incredibly crisp and bright 8k, Choi’s video doesn’t just show off the city’s architecture and famously busy lifestyle, but also brims with spectacularly vibrant colors.

So much so that, at times, you get the feeling of actually being there, instead of watching from behind the screen.

Watch the full video below:

8K COLORS OF NEWYORK 2016 from jansoli on Vimeo.