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Suffering of trans people in Europe exposed in new report

Transgender Europe will launch a Trans Rights Europe Map and Index on International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

Suffering of trans people in Europe exposed in new report

Trans people are still suffering from discrimination,  prejudice and persecution in Europe, a new report has found.

Published on the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (17 May), it will expose the ‘bleak’ legal challenges trans people face across 49 countries in Europe.

Transgender Europe (TGEU) will show which of the countries require sterilization in legal gender recognition and which do not provide for any procedures.

The index will present an in-depth overview of the legal human rights situation for trans people.

TGEU will also provide an update on the Trans Murder Monitoring project. There have been over 1200 reported killings of trans people worldwide in the last five years.

On the same day, the Fundamental Rights Agency will publish the results of its survey on the experiences of violence and discrimination by LGBT people in the EU and Croatia. The survey is the largest of its kind with 93,000 respondents.

‘All our collected data is clearly suggesting one conclusion: European countries do not take sufficient action to protect trans people efficiently against violence and discrimi­nation,’ stated Dr Julia Ehrt, TGEU’s Executive Director.

‘Trans people cannot wait any longer for the protection of their human rights. The EU has a crucial role in Europe to champion trans rights’, added Alecs Recher, TGEU Executive Board member.

Transgender Europe (TGEU) is a European Human Rights Organization with members in 36 countries working for equality and inclusion of all trans people.

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