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Super Drags Review: is it an embarrassment to the LGBTI community?

Super Drags Review: is it an embarrassment to the LGBTI community?

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There’s been an accident and you’re stuck in a traffic jam. As you crawl closer to the incident, you see the debris has been cleared to the side by emergency services. People can drive freely past. The reason why everyone’s slowing down is so they can stare at the destruction. It’s a psychological compulsion. You can’t help it. You do it too. This is what it’s like to watch Super Drags on Netflix.

I binge watched the whole thing and it’s terrible.

The show follows the life of three gay co-workers who lead double-lives as superhero drag queens. By day, they work at a department store in poorly defined job roles; at night they transform into magical drag queens fighting the forces of an evil queen and a conservative politician.

You might be thinking ‘That’s cute!’ You might be drawn in by the voice cast, with super-star Shangela voicing Donizete/Scarlet, and Willam playing the villainous Lady Elza. You might think it’s a harmless cartoon reminiscent of Powerpuff Girls but with slightly more sex jokes.

Super drags worst show on netflix
The joke is that it’s cum | Photo: Netflix

You are wrong. You are so wrong. This show is so fundamentally bad I can feel it in my bones. Just thinking about it causes such abject terror to my homosexuality that I can feel it fleeing from my soul through my pores.

It’s very, very, very, very, very, very, very bad

This hideous caricature of LGBTI culture begins with the Super Drags attempting to save a bus load of gay people. They were off to see a drag queen’s concert. However, an anti-gay terrorist has hijacked the bus, threatening to kill them and himself by driving off the cliff.

I’m a big fan of shock humor when done correctly but this is the art-form manifesting in its most puerile sense. It’s in pretty poor taste just two years after the Pulse shootings. And in light of the fact Brazil – who made the original cartoon – has just elected its most homophobic president in years, it’s pretty embarrassing.

‘Embarrassing? In poor taste?’ The show, presumably targeting me specifically, heard the cries. ‘We’ll show you embarrassing.’

The bus then drives off a cliff. Ralph/Sapphire – a muscle queen – attempts to save it using her (it hurts me as much to type as it does to read this Saw-trap-level-of-pain-inducing concept)… condom protective force field. It’s a force field but a condom.

Super Drags review worst show on netflix-2
Your teenage brother would find this funny | Photo: Netflix

Anyway, it doesn’t work and the bus crashes. Luckily it’s a cartoon so everyone survives. One of the heroes then sexually assaults the unconscious terrorist, before letting him go because ‘he’s cute’. They let a murderer go because he was cute. Our hero can’t control himself so sexually assaults someone.

This isn’t just offensive because openly gay superheroes are letting a ‘cute guy’ MURDERER escape. Or that our ‘hero’ is a monster.

It’s offensive to humor itself that such a lazy and outdated stereotype is allowed to exist, unparodied, in this queer TV show. I feel like some sort of homophobic necromancer has cast a curse on the LGBTI community by summoning this joke from the depths of your grandpa’s sense of humor.

That’s literally the first five minutes of the show.


For some marks in the show’s credit: at least it’s consistent. The rest of the show is also like nails on a chalkboard, if written on the chalkboard is the complete history of LGBTI progress in the world.

I can’t speak for the Brazilian dub, but the American version felt like an amateur production. In some weird double-torture, the jokes are either mumbled at super-speed so only Sonic Original Characters in terribly written fanfics can hear them, or screamed so loud I kept leaving my room to explain to my flat mates I wasn’t watching some sort of horrible porn.

One joke is that Trixie Mattel’s Champagne has a robot helper called Dildo. It’s shaped as a dildo and she uses it as a dildo. Every time it’s needed for the plot, she screams ‘Dildo!’ and the characters basically wink at the screen. What’s the joke? This is marketed towards a gay audience, right? I’ve seen more shocking things in a gay club toilet. A dildo is in the bottom three least shocking things I’ve seen.

Super Drags review worst show on netflix-3
If you thought things couldn’t get funnier than the condom thing, wait until you hear this one | Photo: Netflix

The animation is hideous. The whole plot revolves around an evil drag queen ‘stealing the highlight’ inherent in all gay people. That’s what makes us special, apparently. Yet everyone is animated as some sort of Eldritch monstrosity. Penises, which get the most screen time, wouldn’t look out of place in a H.P. Lovecraft story. I’m saying they look like Cthulhu’s dick.

Gay culture is canceled

If I can wake up briefly from this nightmare of hate, I have some praise. I laughed a couple of times. The final battle (I’m going to spoil it) where the drag queens get Power Rangers robots is cool. The transformations into the Super Drags are really fun and something I was genuinely looking forward to watching every time.

Anyway, praising this show is making me break out into hives. Back to the hate.

It’s impossible to touch on every point. In art films, every frame is a painting; in Super Drags, every frame contains enough embarrassment that the world’s collective eye rolls could provide enough energy to power South America. Yet the worst offender, unfortunately, is Scarlet.

Shangela is the best voice actor out of everyone. It’s just a shame this is her character. It’s very uncomfortable to watch the only main character who’s black also be portrayed so overly aggressive. I’m white, so I don’t want to speak for the black community for how racist it is, but it looks really racist. Also, he has a massive dick that’s always on screen. I mean… guys.

Super drags worst show on netflix-4
The joke is that it’s racist | Photo: Netflix

I joke with my straight friends that LGBTI people have the best culture. That their’s can never compete. It’s a fun little bit we do because we live in a deeply homophobic and transphobic society, so it’s cute to subvert expectations.

Now what am I supposed to do? I make a little jab and they can bring up Super Drags. It’s over. This is the Big Bang Theory of gay culture. If a high school bully wants to tell me that I’ve dropped my gay card now, I’ll say they can have it. We’re officially #cancelled. And that’s that on that.

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