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Super typhoon fails to quell Mr Gay Hong Kong

Super typhoon fails to quell Mr Gay Hong Kong

What’s stronger than Super Typhoon Usagi that smote the Asia Pacific on Monday?

The resolve of the aspirants to the Mr Gay Hong Kong 2013 title who, along with the organizers of the pageant and their guests, turned up en masse for the penultimate round of the five-year-old event.

And now, on 19 October, the five finalists who have made it – Edward Chao, Tommy Leung, Anthony Alanza Pura, Ernest Kam Kong Tung and Michael J Morrill – will be competing onstage at Armani Privé in Hong Kong for the coveted opportunity to represent Hong Kong at the Mr Gay World in Rome in 2014. 

Mr Gay Hong Kong 2013 will be the ambassador of an LGBT cause or charity as well as the Red Ribbon Ambassador working with AIDS Concern of Hong Kong to raise awareness about HIV prevention and promote safer sex in the LGBT community.

The contest with the tagline ‘There’s more than one way to be a man’ also has the winners campaigning against bullying in schools and raising funds for community projects.

‘Good looks can buy you your first five seconds onstage, the proverbial foot through the door, but we look beyond that in a winner,’ the organizers, MAS Asia Productions, says in a statement. 

‘Mr Gay Hong Kong must be articulate, presentable, fit and charismatic. He should be someone with the ability to charm a crowd and win people over to support his causes. 

‘It is the positive attitude that matters in the end.’

The current title holder Benjie Caraig, is a Filipino-born resident who was also the first runner-up at the Mr Gay World 2013 in Antwerp, Belgium in August.

Mr Gay World this year saw more Asian contestants taking part, including a Pakistani though homosexuality can be punished with imprisonment or death in Pakistan.

Mr Gay Hong Kong 2013 also has an online voting that will account for 15 per cent of the candidates’ final score.