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Supermodel Linda Evangelista speaks up for marriage equality

Supermodel Linda Evangelista speaks up for marriage equality

In a hearfelt video for marriage equality, legendary supermodel Linda Evangelista says fashion and her career wouldn’t exist without gay culture.

‘When I entered the fashion world, I was embraced by the most amazing, talented people than I met back home,’ said the Canadian model known as ‘The Trinity’ along with Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell.

‘I was embraced by them and they made me so comfortable and I appreciate that.’

Evangelista, whose famous works include an image of her kissing Campbell in 1991, believes both fashion and her career would not have existed without gay culture.

She also speaks of how she has taught her 8-year-old to understand love in different kinds of families from the very beginning.

‘You can have one parent, or you can have two parents, and they could be of the same sex.

‘I am hoping that other parents are raising their children to understand that while we are all different, we are all the same.’

Watch the video below: