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Supporters stage Delhi’s first LGBTI flash-mob against all odds

Supporters stage Delhi’s first LGBTI flash-mob against all odds

Delhi saw its first ever queer flash-mob perform to a packed audience today.

Around two dozen young people from all over the city gathered at Connaught Place this morning to advocate for LGBTI rights.

The flash-mob had been scheduled for Sunday evening, but the Delhi Police made them run around until the last minute. It was only with support from the Aam Aadmi Party that the event could go on.

‘Through this dance, I hope the message reaches the government that if loving someone is a crime, then the whole world is a criminal,’ says Gautam Yadav, an organizer and participant.

Sexual activity between two persons of the same sex is criminalized and can result in life imprisonment.

Palak, who works in a magazine, says, ‘I came to the flash-mob because I want to stand for equal rights, liberty and the right to love irrespective of what they have between their legs and chest.’

Yadav, Palak and other participants had been practicing for eight hours every weekend, according to the Hindustan Times. Some of them vomited, fainted and cramped, with one even suffering a foot injury, but they continued.

The initiative was decided on an impulse, when a few members from a queer collective called Harmless Hugs decided to do something spectacular for the LGBTI cause in Delhi.

Harmless Hugs, which runs a secret confessions page for sexual minorities, also took inspiration from the Bollywood-style LGBTI flash-mob in Mumbai.



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Watch the Delhi flash-mob below: