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Susan Sarandon slams Hillary Clinton’s gay rights record

Susan Sarandon slams Hillary Clinton’s gay rights record

Susan Sarandon is a longtime supporter of LGBTI rights, appearing in a commercial promoting the cause back in 2003.

Susan Sarandon has slammed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s record on gay rights.

The actress and activist lent her star power to a Bernie Sanders rally in Iowa on Thursday (28 January) evening, where she blasted the former secretary of state for voting for the Iraq War, taking money from Wall Street and ‘equivocating’ on issues such as gay marriage.

‘It’s one thing to be for gay rights and gay marriage once everybody else is for it. That’s not difficult,’ she told a crowd of Sanders supporters.

Sanders, on the other hand, is ‘untainted’ and ‘has managed to consistently be on the right side of every issue the correct side of every issue that reflects my concerns,’ she later told

Sarandon, who appeared in a commercial promoting LGBTI rights back in 2003, confirmed that she thought Clinton was a ‘johnny-come-lately’ on gay marriage.

‘There’s a number of issues where she has come around but she very clearly equivocated or was not there in the beginning,’ she said.

‘It’s great that she came around, but wouldn’t it be great to be a leader instead of a follower, especially if you’re going to hold the highest office in the land?’

Clinton did not come out in favor of gay marriage until 2013, after President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden had done so the previous year. Sanders put his position on record in 2009.

The Human Rights Campaign, however, is officially backing Hillary Clinton for president.

In Wednesday’s Quinnipiac University poll, Sanders had a 4% lead over Clinton in early-voting Iowa.